Curse of the Dead Gods official artwork with logo on the right

[Update]: March 3 has now arrived, and with it Curse of the Dead Gods has been released onto Steam Early Access.

Curse of the Dead Gods is an upcoming hack & slash roguelite with a focus on 'challenging but fair' difficulty. You'll need to brave numerous levels filled with deadly traps, powerful enemies and even curses, though it's not all that bad as through skillful play you can transform those disadvantages into massive boons. So push enemies into traps, use their abilities against their own allies, and then build your character in such a way that all of your curses end up working in your favor!

You can get a bit of an idea of how this is done, as well as what Curse of the Dead Gods has to offer as a whole, through the recently posted gameplay overview. Have a gander:

Curse of the Dead Gods will be heading over to Steam Early Access on March 3rd, and is expected to remain there until the end of 2020. In terms of content, the Early Access version will have all of the main gameplay systems at a fairly polished place, while subsequent updates will mostly focus on adding new content, playstyle variety, and naturally, any sort of changes based on community feedback.

You can learn more about Curse of the Dead Gods, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy once it goes live, over at Steam. And with that said, I'll leave you with one of the earlier trailers, just for good measure.