A screenshot from Obduction showing the contrast between the normal and alien

Obduction is Cyan's spiritual successor to the long-lasting Myst series. As you might expect, this means that Obduction features some extremely beautiful environments, a mysterious and compelling story, and naturally, a whole slew of hellishly difficult puzzles for you to wrack your brain against.

Since puzzle-adventures tend to be notoriously difficult to get into, allow me to give you a glimpse at Obduction's gameplay so that you can decide whether its the sort of thing you're interested in or not. The gameplay video below features the first 30 minutes, including brief story bits, but I wouldn't worry too much about spoilers as I've intentionally avoided the difficult puzzles and massive revelations. Have a look:

If you're interested in my full, detailed review and critique for Obduction, you can find it by heading over here. I hope you enjoyed the video!