No Man's Sky's space ship and station

No Man's Sky is an exploration orientated adventure game that simply asks of you to head out into the universe and see what is there to see. While the various screenshots and trailers may paint it as this vast and complex game with nearly infinite possibilities, the unfortunate reality is that No Man's Sky is actually somewhat mediocre.

Given the amount of pre-launch excitement No Man's Sky managed to gather I can understand if that statement is a bit of a shock to you, but allow me to prove it by showing you an average 15 minute slice of gameplay. In the video below you'll see abandoned stations, plenty of exploration and flying around, crafting, and naturally combat as well, so hopefully you'll leave with a better understanding of No Man's Sky and whether its the sort of game you'd enjoy or not. Have a look:


If you're interested in my full, detailed review and critique for No Man's Sky, you can find it by heading over here. I hope you enjoyed the video!