Life is Strange 2 screenshot from Episode 1

If you're not exactly sure which games to grab from the various winter sales, you might be interested to hear that Valve has now released a whole bunch of data for 2020. This covers things like best-selling games, most played games, best-selling VR games, best new releases, and curiously, best games to play with a controller!

There is far too information for me to cover in brief, so if you're interested in all of the details you'll find the full list over at Steam. For now, however, I would like to bring your attention to the most played games of 2020 as the list is rather interesting. Here they are, in no particular order:

Life is Feudal artwork with small logo

In a rather sudden announcement, developer Bitbox has stated that their survival-focused Life is Feudal: MMO will be closing down its doors on January 18, 2021. Where things get really strange is that instead of Life is Feudal being shut down due to a lack of funding or even a massive exodus of players, Bitbox are essentially being forced to stop operating its servers due to legal pressure.

"A couple of days ago we received an official letter from a certain company that basically says that they will stop paying us our share from LiF: MMO," reads the developer update. "There is nothing much we can do in a legal way since we do not have the required funds to pay for the costly legislation in the US. Especially in a situation where our own hard-earned money will be most probably used against us."

Hitman screenshot from the Dubai map

While the future of the Hitman series looked remarkably grim at one point, IO Interactive has not only managed to persevere, but also take the time to improve upon the classic formula. Things are likely to get even better in the near future as the culmination of the entire World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman 3, will be making its way to PC and consoles on January 20, 2021!

Hitman 3 will bring with it six sizable new locations to explore, including places like Dubai, Berlin and Chongqing. Owners of the previous two games will also be to import those maps into Hitman 3, while Hitman 2 players in specific will also be able to carry over all of their unlocks and progression.

DNF Duel artwork of the Knight from the trailer

If there is one thing Arc System Works are masters at, it would be taking other people's IPs and transforming them into pretty darn good fighting games. In these past two years they've done exactly that for Dragon Ball and Granblue Fantasy, while now they're setting their sights on the immensely popular Dungeon Fighter Online.

The details are unfortunately still few and far between, though what I can tell you is that the new fighting game will be called DNF Duel and that it will be made in Arc System Works' classic style. As for what this looks like in actual gameplay, that you can get a little sneak peek at through the trailer below. Have a gander:

Overwatch screenshot of the new snowman Roadhog skin

[Update]: Overwatch is heavily nerfing Sigma, Wrecking Ball and Ashe, while also buffing Hanzo.

The annual Winter Wonderland event has made its way to Overwatch a little while ago, bringing with it a whole assortment of goodies. There's a bunch of new cosmetics to unlock through either events or loot boxes, a variety of festive skins from previous events that you can grab at discounted prices, a very snowy reskin of King's Row, and even a brand new twist on the deathmatch mode.

If the cosmetics in particular are what tickles your fancy, you'll be extremely happy to hear that Blizzard has now sent out a bunch of free loot boxes to all players as a small gift for the holidays! In order to unlock your five free loot boxes you merely need to log into Overwatch before January 5, 2021. There's no catch or anything like that - simply log in and you'll be able to get a bunch of the new event items!

Cyberpunk 2077 official artwork and logo

[Update]: Cyberpunk 2077's Update 1.1 has brought in a brand new batch of bug fixes and improvements.

As you've likely heard by this point, Cyberpunk 2077 launched with quite a few issues in tow. The older consoles seem to be bearing the brunt of these problems, though even PC has its fair share of bugbears, everything from memory-related crashes to the always-fun save corruptions.

While many of the problems still remain, I am pleased to say that your save files are now finally safe thanks to the newest Hotfix 1.06. You can find the small list of changes over at the official website, but the important thing to note is that save files can now be larger than 8MB in size.

MTG Arena artwork for the omnipresent Uro card

Regardless of what game we're talking about, if there is anything on the line, sooner or later a meta will form. People will figure out what the best strategies are, how best to counter what the opponents are trying to accomplish, as well as how to do all of that in the shortest time possible. MTG Arena is no different in this regard.

However, fighting against the same decks over and over again does tend to get tedious after a while. As such, you might be interested to hear that the newly launched Historic Shakeup event has banned many of the popular cards, thus creating an entirely new and unexplored meta to mess around with!

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands artwork for De Other Side

[Update #2]: Shadowlands has once again nerfed some of its toughest dungeon and raid bosses!

[Update]: Blizzard has removed the weekly time-gating for the roguelike dungeon Torghast.

If you've been running through World of Warcraft's Mythic+ dungeons over the past few weeks, you've likely noticed that the difficulty between them can vary massively. Dungeons like Mists of Tirna Scithe are absurdly easy and can be completed with plenty of time to spare, while something like De Other Side can be an absolute nightmare with even a slightly uncoordinated group.

This discrepancy has only become more apparent with last week's Bolstering & Tyrannical affixes, with some dungeons like The Necrotic Wake becoming nearly impossible to complete without stacking some of the best classes and specializations. So in order to address this problem, as well as make the dungeons a lot more pleasant across the board, Blizzard has now released a whole bunch of tweaks.

Dark Souls 3 Ringed City artwork

[Update]: Valve has announced the best-selling and most played Steam games of 2020.

If you're looking to treat yourself for the holidays, or simply pile on another bunch of games onto the backlog, you might want to check out the freshly launched Steam Winter Sale. Much like before, it's absolutely filled to the brim with discounts on all sorts of games, so chances are you'll easily find a few games to occupy your time.

For those of you looking for a bit of advice, allow me to also share a couple of games I've enjoyed messing around with over the past few years. Here they are, in no particular order:

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands artwork for Torghast

[Update #2]: Blizzard has removed the weekly time-gating for the roguelike dungeon Torghast.

[Update]: World of Warcraft has toned down some of the ridiculously difficult Mythic+ Dungeon enemies.

Out of all the new additions in Shadowlands, the roguelike and ever-changing Torghast is by far the most exciting. It certainly was for me anyway, because as I've mentioned throughout my review, the combination of wacky powers and the ability to completely and utterly break the game makes for a pretty good time!

Unfortunately, not all classes and specializations are equally balanced when it comes to Torghast. Playing through it on my Demon Hunter has been a genuine joy thanks to an excellent selection of powers, while my friend's Priest ended up having a significantly tougher time on the higher difficulty levels, on top of significantly longer runs. And sadly, this was not an uncommon occurrence, especially after the recent health buffs.