Valorant artwork showing off Jett

If you've been playing Valorant for any significant amount of time, then you've most likely ended up in a situation where you play one map over and over again. For me, the record is landing into Ascent five times in a row, while Bind appears so incredibly rarely I once got jump-scared by someone using the teleporter since I haven't heard that in an entire week!

Obviously, this sort of thing is not ideal, especially for a game with only four maps. As such, I am very happy to say that Riot has now made the map selection pseudo-random, and thus less likely to chuck you onto the same map over and over again. Naturally, since Valorant isn't a singleplayer game there's still a fair chance you'll see repeats, but it should definitely be a lot better than before.

Overwatch screenshot of the new Comic Book Tracer skin from up close

While Overwatch 2 is bound to bring in a whole bunch of new lore, I'm happy to say that Blizzard has just decided to release a short comic to help tide us over. Without spoiling too much, the London Calling comic deals with Tracer and her troubles after the fall of Overwatch. You can read the whole thing over at the Overwatch website.

The good news doesn't end there, however, as Blizzard has also released a Tracer focused event! Win nine games until September 28th and you'll be able to earn a fancy new player icon, a collection of sprays, and the Comic Book Tracer skin!

Horizon Zero Dawn concept artwork showing a robot hunt

As you're likely well aware by this point, the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn launched with quite a few issues. If you were particularly unlucky, you ended up having to deal with not only persistent performance issues, but also misaligned controls and even the occasional and always-irritating crash.

To their credit, Guerrilla Games quickly set out to fix many of these issues, and have since launch managed to correct some of the most egregious examples. The newest Patch 1.05 continues this tradition by further improving the performance, getting rid of a few more crashes, as well as fixing some of the community-reported bugs like Aloy's hair going a bit wacky on higher resolutions.

The Walking Dead Onslaught official artwork and logo

After the massive success of The Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners, The Walking Dead Onslaught will be arriving later this month to hopefully continue the streak. You can expect to see it launch on September 29th for the Oculus Rift, Steam VR and PlayStation VR.

The good news doesn't end there, however, as the freshly posted gameplay preview shows off massive improvements over some of the previous trailers! So if you're curious what Onslaught will look and play like, you can find your answers right below. Have a peek:

World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion concept artwork for Bastion

[Update]: Shadowlands' animated shorts are here to introduce the four Covenants!

Even though World of Warcraft has been steadily improving its leveling experience with each expansion, things can get pretty samey once you're on your third or fourth way through the various zones. This goes doubly so for the newer expansions as they have a very linear progression through each area, which while great for experiencing the story on your first round through, only serves as a tedious wall for every subsequent playthrough.

With that in mind, I am delighted to say that World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion will be taking cues from Diablo 3 and implementing a sort of 'Adventure mode'. Once you've completed the story campaign on your main character, every subsequent one will be able to mostly ignore the narrative and its forced progression, thus opening up many more leveling routes.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ PC screenshot of sardines dialogue

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten was originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2011. Quite a few years have gone by since then, but the care-free turn-based RPG has now finally made its way to PC as well!

The freshly launched Disgaea 4 Complete+ brings with it over 30 unlockable characters, extra story campaigns, a variety of improvements over the original, and naturally, the same sort of silly tone and endless leveling. If you're curious what all of this looks like, as well as what sort of atmosphere Disgaea 4 is going for, you can find what you seek in the recently posted launch trailer. Have a peek:

Warframe: Plains of Eidolon artwork without logo

While games like Call of Duty are attempting to seize the entire SSD for themselves, Warframe is looking to take things in a completely different direction. Over the course of the next two updates, Digital Extremes will be drastically reducing Warframe's install size on both PC and consoles!

They'll accomplish this by using something called Oodle Texture technology, which allows them to significantly reduce file sizes without impacting visual quality in any major way. Because of this, the upcoming update will free up 6.6GB of space on PC, though it will require a 6.5GB patch in order to do so since all of the files will need to be redownloaded.

Hearthstone artwork for Thrall

[Update]: World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion will allow secondary characters to skip the story bits!

Despite being presented with some of the most obscure secrets I've ever seen, the World of Warcraft community has triumphed time and time again. Sometimes it would take a couple of months if the clues were particularly devious, but with hundreds of players working on each puzzle there was always steady progress forward, and the sense that the solution is just around the corner.

This, however, did not apply to Jenafur - the fluffy feline friend first introduced with Patch 8.2.5. Once it became clear that there was a puzzle that needed solving, the World of Warcraft community once again quickly figured out where the puzzle starts, combined breadcrumbs in order to make a map that leads to Kharazan, and eventually even realized that the solution has something to do with music. And then they hit a wall, and a really big one at that!

Skull & Bones screenshot of a broadside attack

Even though it seems like a distant memory at this point, Skull & Bones was originally going to be a competitor to Sea of Thieves. However, while Sea of Thieves has already been released and patched time and time again, Skull & Bones seems to be just as distant as it ever was.

While I would love to tell you that Ubisoft has now finally spilled the beans and revealed the new and improved Skull & Bones, I'm afraid we're still in the dark on that front. It's not all bad news, however, as Ubisoft has recently come out to reaffirm that they are still hard at work on making Skull & Bones happen!

Total War: Troy Menelaus artwork

[Update]: Total War: Troy's Amazons DLC is charging in on September 24th and will be free for two weeks!

If you've been playing Total War: Troy over the past few weeks, it's highly likely you've noticed just how much stronger chariots are than most units. Not only are they fast enough to catch even the lightest of enemies, but they're also powerful enough that almost nothing can withstand their charge. If played well, a group of chariots can almost singlehandedly route half of the enemy army, which is obviously far from ideal.

However, no matter how powerful chariots are, the spies are by far the strongest units in the entirety of Troy. After unlocking all of the damaging traits, one spy action can absolutely decimate a major city's garrison, thus making it easy pickings for even mediocre armies. And I'm not exaggerating here either - we're talking about the spies killing more than 50% of the fully upgraded garrison in the span of a single second!