Dying Light screenshot of the Hell Raid DLC

In a rather unusual twist, while Dying Light 2 is seemingly taking forever to come out, the original Dying Light just doesn't know when to stop adding new content! So even though it has been a fair few years since its original launch, Dying Light has just added a brand new piece of DLC - Hellraid.

As you might expect given the name, Hellraid is a bit of an unusual DLC. Instead of expanding on Dying Light's core like The Following did, Hellraid is more of a dungeon-crawling side-game than anything else.

Hearthstone artwork for the Arcane Cannon card

If you've recently been playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds, chances are you're well aware of just how powerful Arcane Cannon is. It doesn't matter what kind of build you have or what your goal is, simply stick a cannon in there and your first 6-7 turns will be instantly better. And if that wasn't bad enough, the Arcane Cannon is also incredibly random, making it so matches can often come down to pure chance over any sort of strategy.

In order to correct this, Blizzard is now looking to completely removed Arcane Cannon from the Battlegrounds mode. A bit of a drastic move to be sure, but given how problematic Arcane Cannon has been since the very beginning, I do believe it is the correct one as Arcane Cannon simply doesn't fit the Battlegrounds gameplay style.

Apex Legends artwork for Rampart

[Update]: Apex Legends' Season 6 has now finally arrived alongside Rampart, a new energy SMG, and item crafting!

This August 18th Apex Legends' Season 6 will be making its way to PC and consoles alongside a bunch of new content. There'll be a brand new energy SMG called Volt, a new Battle Pass filled with cosmetics to collect, the option to craft your own gear by gathering materials throughout the map, and most excitingly, a heavy-weapons focused Legend by the name of Rampart.

So if you're curious about what Rampart has to offer, as well as what her abilities are all about, you can find the answers you seek in the recently posted preview. Have a peek, it's a rather fun one:

Dead By Daylight screenshot of the four survivors

In an extremely positive move for everyone involved, the asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead By Daylight has now introduced cross-play between PC and consoles. In other words, regardless of what platform you play on (Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch), you'll now have access to the exact same pool of players!

This will hopefully make matchmaking a lot more accurate and thus improve the quality of each game, as well as drastically cut down on queue times given the influx of additional players. So even if you don't particularly care about playing with people from other platforms, this update should still be a net positive for you.

Vermintide 2 Shade Kerillian artwork

[Update]: Vermintide 2's Patch 3.2 has brought in some long-requested quality of life improvements 

After going through a rather extended testing period, Vermintide 2's Big Balance Beta has now finally come to an end. While the Huntsman rework has been postponed in order to ensure it fits in a bit better, the rest of the changes have been deemed successful and already implemented into the main game!

Overpowered weapons like Kruber's Executioner Sword or Kerillian's Dual Daggers have received relatively minor nerfs, while a whole host of previously underpowered weapons have undergone some drastic improvements. For example, after years of being completely and utterly irrelevant, Kerillian's one-handed and two-handed swords are now actually usable and can be carried even into the hardest content out there!

Remnant: From the Ashes official artwork and logo

While Remnant: From the Ashes is by no means a clone of Dark Souls, it does borrow a lot of elements from it. You have a very limited amount of healing potions that refill only when you use checkpoints, enemies deal a lot of damage and it's fairly easy to die if you're not paying attention, while winning battles is just as much about timing and positioning as it is about raw aggression. The biggest difference, however, is that in Remnant you can choose to simply shoot the enemy in the face instead of trying to duel them in melee combat!

If all of that sounds like something you would love to sink your teeth into, you'll be happy to hear that Remnant is free to grab until August 20th. Simply head on over to the Epic Games Store, grab yourself a copy, and you'll be able to dive in whenever you want.

Overwatch official artwork for Sigma from the trailer

[Update #2]: Blizzard is finally taking a serious look at reversing the rampant power creep in Overwatch!

[Update]: Overwatch devs are attempting to rework and rebalance Moira yet again, though this time around it looks like it might stick!

Ever since Sigma arrived, the relative power balance between the various tanks has been a little bit off. This is primarily because heroes like Reinhardt and Zarya need to physically walk up to the enemy in order to deal any sort of damage, whereas the Orisa and Sigma combo can offer both considerable shielding and ranged damage at the same time.

So in order to bring the different tank playstyles closer together, as well as change how powerful Brigitte is in the hands of high-tier players, Blizzard has now unleashed a whole bunch of nerfs. Here's the full list, including some rather juicy Roadhog buffs:

Total War: Troy official artwork and logo

[Update]: Newest Troy update has improved performance and nerfed both chariots and army-destroying spies.

In a bit of a divergence from the rest of the series, Total War: Troy has now been released exclusively for the Epic Games Store. Even more shockingly than that, Creative Assembly has announced that Troy will be entirely free to grab for 24 hours after launch!

All you have to do is head on over to the Epic Games Store, claim yourself a copy, and you'll be good to go. You don't even need to install it right away. As long as Troy is added to your account, you'll be able to play it whenever you want and for however long you want.

Apex Legends artwork for the upcoming Legend Rampart

[Update #2]: Apex Legends' Season 6 has now finally arrived alongside Rampart, a new energy SMG, and item crafting!

[Update]: The newest Season 6 preview is all about Rampart and her abilities, and as expected, she's looking like a bit of a controversial addition given her shields and mountable turret.

Season 6 of Apex Legends will be heading over to PC and consoles this August 18th. You can expect to see a brand new energy SMG by the name of Volt, the ability to craft your own gear by collecting materials throughout the map, and perhaps most importantly of all, a brand new heavy-weapons focused legend called Rampart!

While the list of her abilities has not been announced just yet, you can get a pretty good idea of what Rampart is all about through two of the newly posted trailers. The first is an animated short setting up Rampart's backstory, while the second is the Season 6 launch trailer. Have a peek:

Horizon Zero Dawn official concept artwork of a robot hunt

[Update]: Patch 1.02 has corrected some of the issues plaguing the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn arrived onto PC last week, and while the gameplay itself is pretty darn fun, the quality of the PC port leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are there performance issues present all throughout the campaign, but there's also a bunch of seemingly random crashes to make things even more irritating.

The good news is that the team behind the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is well aware of these issues and is working on a fix. No exact details have been given just yet, but you can expect to hear more as soon as the developers are happy with the state of the upcoming patch.