Little Nightmares screenshot of hands grasping at the main character

[Update]: Atmospheric horror-adventure Little Nightmares 2 has now been unleashed.

With Little Nightmares 2's release date just around the corner, Bandai Namco has decided to drum up a bit of excitement by giving away the original. So if you're in the mood for a stylish horror-adventure, head on over to the Bandai Namco store and you'll be able to grab yourself a free copy of Little Nightmares.

The giveaway is exclusively targeted towards Europe, though from what I've heard, the Steam key is not region-locked and you'll be able to claim it regardless of where you are. In other words, if you end up having trouble going through the giveaway yourself, you might want to hit up a friend overseas and see if they can help you out.

Overwatch screenshot of the Kanezaka map

[Update]: Kanezaka has now landed alongside some major Sigma, Ashe and Wrecking Ball nerfs.

In a bit of a surprising announcement, Blizzard recently revealed and put up for testing a brand new free-for-all map called Kanezaka. The map itself is located right outside the walls of Hanamura and features a variety of distinct locations designed to support all sorts of playstyles, including a downright adorable cat cafe that stars all of Blizzard's pet cats!

If all of that sounds like a good bit of fun, you'll be happy to hear that the fully finished version of Kanezaka is just about ready to be unleashed. In fact, it'll be launching later today (January 12) alongside a brand new Hanzo challenge!

System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition official artwork with logo

Back in 2019 Nightdive Studios announced that System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is in development. While that was certainly an exciting piece of news, what followed was a very long period of silence, which as you might imagine has led to quite a few people wondering just what the Enhanced Edition will be all about, or if the project is even still alive.

Well, I'm happy to say that I bring good news on both fronts. Not only is System Shock 2 still in development, but Nightdive Studios have just announced VR support for it! So if you ever wanted to smack a cyber-monkey across the noggin with a wrench, consider your disturbingly specific wish fulfilled.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire official artwork without logo

If you're currently playing Guild Wars 2 on macOS, I'm afraid I have some bad news to deliver. Due to technical problems that have been brewing for a few years now, ArenaNet will be shutting down support for the macOS client on February 18, 2021.

"In 2018, Apple ended support for the OpenGL graphics technology that Guild Wars 2 uses on the Mac," explains the brief update. "While games and other software that rely on OpenGL still work for now, Apple has made it clear that this will not always be the case in new OS versions. They have also stopped actively fixing problems on Mac OS related to OpenGL, including graphics hardware driver issues."

Legends of Runeterra artwork for the champion Garen

[Update]: Just as planned, the January 13th update has brought with it the very first co-op game mode!

As a part of the new Experimental Lab, Legends of Runeterra will be introducing a co-op vs AI game mode this January 13th. You and your partner will need to communicate and strategize through newly introduced emotes, alternate between acting as the primary attacker and defender, and do whatever it takes to make sure you fend off the Noxus invasion led by either Darius, Draven or Swain.

Before you even begin, you will be offered a selection of Champions, each of which will have a unique deck for you to explore. Naturally, every single Champion will have their own strengths and weaknesses, so choosing complementary partners and building up a shared strategy will be an important part of this new co-op mode.

Overwatch artwork for Sigma from the animated short

[Update]: Overwatch's new map Kanezaka has now landed alongside the Sigma, Ashe and Wrecking Ball nerfs.

Continuing with last year's effort to reduce the overall power level of heroes, Blizzard has now released a brand new experimental update for Overwatch. It brings with it some heavy nerfs to Sigma, Wrecking Ball and Ashe, as well as an unexpected buff for Hanzo.

All of these changes are currently available for testing in-game through the Experimental game mode, but before you run off, here's what exactly Blizzard is looking to tweak:

Total War: Warhammer 2 screenshot of Ariel and the Wood Elves

[Update]: Creative Assembly has begun teasing a major Total War: Warhammer announcement.

Thanks to the somewhat recent The Twisted & The Twilight update, Total War: Warhammer 2's Wood Elf faction and campaign have been reworked from the ground up. This rework brought with it an entirely new set of campaign mechanics focused around healing a variety of magical forests, new legendary lord abilities and buffs, a rebalance of the entire unit roster, and perhaps most importantly, the removal of the Amber restriction for purchasing high-tier units.

While these changes were certainly a step in the right direction, some of them have ended up falling a bit short of their goal, especially when it comes to making the oldschool Wood Elf legendary lords more interesting to mess around with. So in order to correct this, Creative Assembly has now released a brand new update that's almost entirely about polishing up the Wood Elves.

Potential teaser for Titan Quest 2

After being mostly forgotten for an entire decade, Titan Quest underwent a bit of a revival over the past few years. The Anniversary Edition set the foundations back in 2016, after which the Ragnarok and Atlantis expansions beefed up the oldschool ARPG with a ton of new content to mess around with.

The good news doesn't end there as HandyGames, a studio under THQ Nordic's banner, has recently shared a teaser for their brand new game. While they didn't announce any details about this new project, the artwork fits the Titan Quest world and themes extremely well, leading many (including me) to believe that this might just be Titan Quest 2!

World of Warcraft artwork for The Maw and Torghast

If you're like me and you decided to tackle the Shadowlands leveling process at a fairly relaxed pace, you've most likely noticed that you're not doing the same Torghast weekly quests as other people. This would be because Blizzard made it so you can only get one quest a week, regardless of when you started. So the longer you waited to get to level 60, the further behind you would be compared to those that rushed things.

Thankfully, this fairly massive issue has now been corrected. The entirety of the Torghast questline is now fully unlocked for all characters, regardless of when they hit level 60. Naturally, you'll still need to go through the full questline one step at a time to catch up, but that's definitely a much better alternative than being stuck a month in the past.

Metro: Last Light Redux screenshot of mutants in the dark

If you're looking to start the new year with a fresh new playthrough, today is your lucky day as GOG is currently running a rather exciting giveaway. The game in question, as you can probably deduce from the title, is the pretty darn solid Metro: Last Light Redux that combines first-person shooting with some highly atmospheric environments and plenty of overgrown ruins to explore.

As always, there is a little bit of a catch. This giveaway will only be live for another ~12 hours, so you might want to grab yourself a copy sooner rather than later. The good news is that once you have the game in your account you'll be able to play whenever you want without any sort of restrictions.