The Oculus Rift preorders will begin this Wednesday, January 6th

In a blog post that appeared on the Oculus website today the team announced that the preorders for the Rift will begin this Wednesday, January 6, at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm UTC.

Full details on how to preorder as well as the official price point will be announced this Wednesday once the preorders go live. But here's what we know will be coming with the Rift preorder:

Here's the list of all Windows 10 and Xbox One Exclusives for 2016

In a blog post that appeared today on the Xbox website Mike Nichols talked about various Xbox One statistics but more interestingly detailed the current list of Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusives for 2016.

Perhaps the most important part of the announcement is that Keji Inafune's ReCore has been confirmed as a PC title rather than just an Xbox One exclusive. Here's the full list with all of the release dates and platforms:

This Week in PC gaming is a series of articles that cower the latest and most interesting PC gaming news

This Week In PC Gaming is an easy way to catch up with all of the news that you might have missed this week, organized in such a way that you can get a brief overview on all of the stories and from there jump to the ones you're interested in (links are above). And if you are so inclined you can also find out what happened the previous week by going here.

I expected this week to be rather light on news given that the Christmas period was overloaded with various announcements but as it turns out quite a few big things did indeed happen so here's an overview of everything interesting that went down this week in PC gaming:

Obduction, from the developers of Myst and Riven, now has a brief and interesting teaser trailer

Obduction is coming to us from the developers of Myst and Riven and much like those two it will focus heavily on exploration and puzzle-solving with a mysterious plot surrounding all of it. It successfully raised #1,300,000 on Kickstarter a few years back but since then the developers were somewhat quiet about their progress.

Hopefully this brief teaser showcasing a rather pretty alien world and some great music will be the first of many such videos we'll get to see as Obduction nears its launch in the second half of 2016. Here's the video:

Killer Instinct has been confirmed as a March 2016 release and Windows 10 exclusive

In a recent interview with Adam Isgreen over on Twitch (04:07:30 timestamp) it was confirmed that Killer Instinct will be coming to PC this March as a Windows 10 elusive, much like the Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

While he didn't give an exact release date he did verify some rumors and gave us a bit of information on what to expect from Killer Instinct's season 3 once it hits the PC. 

Horn of the Abyss is a community expansion to the excellent Heroes of Might and Magic III

Horn of the Abyss is an unofficial expansion to Heroes of Might and Magic III and features a whole new race The Cove, gameplay and graphical improvements, new maps and map objects as well as a whole new campaign for you to explore.

And today Horn of the Abyss has gotten even better with further campaign missions, new map objects, bug fixes, graphical improvements, and more. Here's the list of features that come with the Horn of the Abyss expansion:

Indie turn-based RPG The Quest has crossed over from iOS to Steam

The Quest is an oldschool open world RPG in the vein of Daggerfall that features some rather lovely hand-drawn graphics, a turn based combat system and a grid-based world to explore. Back when it was first announced I was quite excited to try it, given that these sort of games defined my childhood, but unfortunately it was only for iOS.

However, it would appear it has recently sneaked on to Steam. I used sneak there because despite being someone that pays attention to indie RPG releases I somehow completely missed it and would've lived in an unfortunate state of ignorance if not for today's PC Gamer article

The AGDQ event begins tomorrow so tune in and watch some of the best speedrunners around completely demolish the games you love

Awesome Games Done Quick is a week long event where speedrunners from all over gather together to completely break the games you know and love, all in the name of charity.

This years's AGDQ will start light and easy on January 3rd and then ramp up to entire days filled with speedruns from January 4th and onward. You can find the full schedule here.

After many years of delays and rumors about cancellation Final Fantasy XV is coming in 2016

To say that Final Fantasy XV had been in development for a long, long time would be one hell of an understatement. It was first announced as in development all the way back in 2006 but due to various issues constantly kept being either reworked or delayed.

So I hope you understand now how big the recent announcement that Final Fantasy XV will definitely be coming in 2016 really is. Here's the full announcement message from FFXV's director:

Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth update is now finally released

Brutal Doom, besides what you might gleam from the name alone, is an extremely comprehensive Doom mod expanding on everything from enemy AI to the weapons you use and even the graphics themselves. In other words, its a damn good mod for an already classic FPS, and it just got better.

The recent Brutal Doom patch v20b, also known as Hell on Earth, brings with it destructible bodies, improvements to the gib physics, better performance, a new melee system and most importantly a 32 map long campaign.