GTA V mod brings with it the hacking system from Ubisoft's Watch Dogs

I think everyone will agree that the hacking was by far the best part of Watch Dogs. Messing with traffic lights and watching devastating pile-ups occur never stopped being entertaining despite the overall game losing its luster towards the end.

If you're of a similar opinion you'll be happy to hear that JulioNIB has created a mod for GTA V that introduces the very same hacking system Watch Dogs had in to a much more polished open world game with some great results. Here's a short video showcasing the mod in action:

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is likely coming to the PC

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture had a Steam database listing for a long time now but everyone simply assumed this was a leftover from before the Chinese Room partnered with Sony and made their game a PS4 exclusive.

Since then there were rumors of Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and a few other games being ported over to the PC, and while the fact that the game now has a store-front banner image in the Steam database isn't definitive proof I think we can safely assume that the PS4 exclusive "walking simulator" will be making its way to the PC sometime soon.

Humble Weekly Bundle is offering The Division beta key and Tom Clancy games

If you've found yourself enjoying Rainbow Six: Siege now you have a chance to try out the games that inspired it, for a rather low price, at the currently ongoing Humble Weekly Bundle.

But perhaps the most stand-out deal in the whole package is the fact that the $10 tier, besides a bunch of great games, contains a beta key for The Division so you could give it try before its official release on March 8 and see if its the sort of thing you'd enjoy without spending a whole lot of money on it.

Desolus is an upcoming puzzle/exploration game for the PC & Oculus Rift

The past few months showed that big developers are very interested in experimenting with virtual reality gaming, what with Crytek announcing The Climb and Ubisoft their Eagle Flight. But it isn't just the big players that are throwing their hats in to the VR ring however, there are also plenty of upcoming VR focused indie games such as Desolus, which is being made by a single person.

Desolus is a rather pretty & very stylish first person puzzle/exploration hybrid where you are able to harness the power of a black hole in order to absorb and redirect the power of the stars. While it is currently in alpha there is a short gameplay video showcasing the mechanic in action:

Rock the Cabinet 2015 has you choosing the best Starcraft 2 Arcade map

To say that Starcraft 2 had a messed up custom map system when it first launched would be one hell of an understatement but over the years Blizzard has seen the error of their ways and went through a lot of effort to finally make it in to something worthy of its predecessor, Warcraft 3.

In order to celebrate a successful year for the Starcraft 2 Arcade Blizzard has recently launched the Rock the Cabinet 2015 contest where you will get to vote on your favorite Arcade map from the pool of 10 nominees and potentially win some nifty prizes. Here's a video briefly going over the nominated maps and how you can quality for the rewards:

Deadbolt is an action stealth game from the makers of Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain was an excellent action-platformer with some roguelike elements added to it so seeing the same team tackle one of my favorite genres, the stealth games, is an exciting thing indeed.

Deadbolt is an extremely challenging hybrid between stealth & action that puts you in to the shoes of the Grim Reaper who needs to quell an undead uprising through a whole lot of sneaky violence given that a direct approach simply doesn't work for a man of his age that dies in one shot. The trailer is right below:

Punch Club is now released after Twitch managed to beat the game under two days

Punch Club is a boxing tycoon & management RPG that was originally slated to release on January 25th but tinyBuild & Lazy Bear Games promised they would instead release it as soon as Twitch manages to beat the entire game, no small undertaking when you have thousands of people at the wheel.

But in a rather impressive feat of organization the Twitch community not only managed to beat Punch Club, they did it in under two days! As soon as the announcement broke that Twitch had managed to beat Punch Club it was released on Steam as promised and you can now grab it yourself.

Ubisoft has recently released a two-hour long showcase of Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft sure does seem confident in Far Cry Primal given the amount of information and trailers they've shared about it so far.

During the most recent batch of news they've released the launch date & PC system requirements as well as a two-hour long community stream showcasing Far Cry Primal alongside some developer chatter. You can find the video right below:

The Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak story teaser trailer was released today

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, despite seemingly coming out of nowhere, was in the making for about three years now. Initially it started under a completely different name, that of Hardware: Shipbreakers, as a spiritual successor to the Homeworld franchise by some of the old developers.

Luckily Gearbox, who owns the Homeworld license these days, saw potential in the game and officially partnered with them thus securing both the license and much needed resources for a new Homeworld game to appear.

With the release date set for a relatively close January 20th Gearbox has finally decided to give us a glimpse at the story of Deserts of Kharak in the shape of a trailer titled "Primary Anomaly".

Star Wars : The Old Republic Anarchy in Paradise expansion chapter is coming on February 11th

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion launched last fall bringing with it plenty of content that will continue to be expanded on throughout 2016.

The first out of seven of these chapters is titled Anarchy in Paradise and will be releasing on February 11th. Anarchy in Paradise and the future chapters will be available for free to anyone subscribed. Here's the teaser trailer: