EVE: Valkyrie is a very pretty dogfighting game that supports VR

Can you believe that the Oculus Rift, an actual VR headset, is going to launch in the first quarter of 2016? That information still somehow shocks me every time I think about it, this must be older folks felt when everyone started getting smart phones all of a sudden.

My "old man" musings aside, the Oculus team has announced that EVE: Valkyrie is going to be bundled with the preorder version of the Rift and to commemorate the occasion there was an alpha gameplay video released, you can find it embedded below.

Project Phoenix, a Kickstarted JRPG/RTS hybrid is suffering delays due to poor planning

Despite the idea of an RPG/RTS hybrid being right up my alley I've never heard about Project Phoenix before, which is odd because during its run on Kickstarter it garnered over one million in funding so it was by no means a hidden little game.

Unfortunately it does appear that the project is suffering from numerous delays given that its initial release date estimate of 2015 is now being pushed back a lot further, to 2018.

Hotline Miami 2 update brings beta version of the level editor

I've talked about the upcoming Hotline Miami 2 level editor a while back and now, after a bit of waiting, December 10 has finally rolled by and with it the level editor.

The editor is in a true state of beta testing and you might find that some things aren't as easy as they will be in the final release so if you're not willing to bear with some flaws I'd suggest you wait a month for all of the problems to get ironed out.

Upcoming GTA Online Update brings luxury bases and vehicles

I will be the first to say that I don't enjoy how grindy GTA Online is, especially since its the multiplayer version of a game whose entire core experience is based on mucking about, but its still good seeing them support it with relatively frequent free DLC.

One such update is the upcoming "Executives and other Criminals" which focuses on the more extravagant parts of life, such as private villas and super yachts as upgradeable bases from which you can order your little minions (read other players) around.

EA has opened up an esports division led by Peter Moore

While I'm not much of an Esports watcher I really respect the people involved and I realize how important it is both for gamers and for the longevity of the games they enjoy.

And it appears that EA agrees on the importance of Esports as they have today announced their Competitive Gaming Division led by Peter Moore. Personally I would've gone with EAsports over CGD but then again I like crappy wordplay.

Aviary Attorney is a detective game where the main characters are Victorian birds

I've first heard about Aviary Attorney a while back when it first appeared on Kickstarter but I have to say I was a bit close minded and I quickly dismissed it due to the ridiculous premise.

Luckily, others did not and Aviary Attorney got successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be released on Steam this December 18th. The best thing about it all? It looks really interesting.

Disney and LucasArts are still interested in a more mature Star Wars game

For those that know nothing about it, Star Wars 1313 was supposed to be a serious/mature game set in the Star Wars universe, specifically the crime riddled underbelly of Coruscant. However, since LucasArts was at that point going through the Disney buyout the game never got far in development and was seemingly canceled.

All of this is relevant because at a recent interview for Slashfilm, LucasArts head Kathleen Kennedy talked about the various unfinished projects left behind after the internal development studio was mostly dissolved.