Canceled PSP game Saint's Row: Undercover has been released for free and you can play it now on the PC

If you don't frequent Twitch then you might not know that Volition developers like to stream themselves messing around with prototype/developer versions of their various games, usually to hilarious results.

During a recent stream they showcased the canceled PSP prototype Saint's Row: Undercover which despite bearing the prototype tag seemed quite close to completion. And after many, many requests Volition opted to release the full game for free on Unseen64, a website dedicated to preserving canceled and unseen games. 

Here's the download link and instructions:

Next Mass Effect, Battlefield and Titanfall are releasing before April 2017

EA's quarterly shareholder report came out yesterday citing increased profits and all the usual business nonsense but it also inadvertently gave us a time frame for when EA's upcoming games will be released.

According to the report Mass Effect: Andromeda, the next Battlefield and Titanfall 2 will be arriving before the end of the next fiscal year (March 31st). Here's the full statement:

Insomniac Games have announced their latest game, the metroid inspired Song of the Deep

Insomniac Games - creators of Spyro the Dragon, Rachet & Clank, the Resistance series and Sunset Overdrive have announced today their latest, much smaller in scope, game.

Song of the Deep is an aquatic take on the metroidvania genre featuring action-adventure gameplay with plenty of exploration and secrets to discover as you follow a young girl on a quest to save her father. Here's the trailer and list of features:

Sunless Sea and Fractured Space are currently free on Steam

With the first gameplay footage of Sunless Sea's Zubmariner expansion released yesterday it makes perfect sense to drum up even more hype by offering a free trial of the base game. The free weekend will run until Sunday afternoon and if you find yourself taken aback with Sunless Sea you can grab it at a 40% discount.

On the other end of the spectrum the space-faring MOBA (we really need a better word for this) Fractured Space is free to download and to keep forever if you grab it before Monday. Here's a few words about each of them:

Vermintide developers want your help in order to name their upcoming DLC

As if pronouncing Warhammer: The End Time - Vermintide wasn't long enough they've decided to also add a "Schluesselschloss" to it as well, and while I have no idea what it means I'm it sure doesn't sound pleasant.

Thankfully, Vermintide developer Fatshark is quite receptive of our plight and is offering a 100 free copies of the upcoming "Schluesselschloss" DLC to those that suggest a better replacement name. The DLC that shall not be named is coming at the end of February along with a free piece of content in the form of a new Last Stand game mode.

Funcom has announced their first new Conan the Barbarian game titled Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is one of the three Conan the Barbarian games Funcom plans to announce in 2016 as they have recently made a partnership with the aptly named Conan Properties (which just makes me think of Conan in a business suit) to breathe a breath of fresh air in to a franchise that hasn't seen a good new entry for a while now.

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal wilderness of Conan's homeworld Hyboria. It is slated to arrive on Steam Early Access in the summer of 2016 with a full PC & console launch to follow suit shortly afterwards. Here's the trailer:

GOG's Games in Development program has been announced

Early access, in other words the sale of games in alpha or beta state, is not a component of the modern gaming world I particularly enjoy, mostly because its hard to actually guarantee the half-finished game you paid good money for will ever actually get finished.

While GOG's recently announced "Games in Development" section can't offer you that guarantee either it will however only feature hand-picked games and offer a 14-day no-questions-asked refund policy for them. Here's how it differs from Steam's Early Access system: