Watch Dogs: Legion official artwork and logo

The progression of the Watch Dogs series has been quite interesting to follow. The original attempted to have a somewhat realistic and down-to-earth tone, while its sequel opted for a more colorful and action-orientated approach. Now, the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion is taking things even further, so much so that it's starting to look like a Saint's Row game more than anything else!

However, don't take that as a negative comment since Watch Dogs: Legion does actually look quite interesting! If you're curious just why that is the case, you'll find your answers through the recently posted gameplay preview. Have a look:

Shadow Warrior 3 screenshot of the grappling hook and some colorful enemies

[Update]: Shadow Warrior 3's lengthy preview shows off the colorful world, explosive action and terrible puns

If you feel like your life just doesn't have enough terrible wang-based puns, rejoice as Shadow Warrior 3 has recently been announced and pinned for a 2021 release date. It'll bring with it an assortment of new and surprisingly colorful enemies, a fast-paced combination of melee and ranged combat, as well as a much greater focus on mobility than any of its predecessors.

As for how exactly all of this translates into gameplay terms, that you can find out through the recently posted and unsurprisingly action-packed preview. Have a gander, it's a rather fun one:

Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy expansion artwork without logo

[Update]: The Scholomance Academy expansion has now arrived alongside a whole bunch of new cards.

I hope you're ready for a bit of a meta shake-up, because Hearthstone's next expansion Scholomance Academy is just around the corner! You can expect to see it in early August alongside an assortment of dual-class cards, a brand new Spellburst keyword that activates once you cast a spell, and as you might imagine given the name, a whole bunch of assorted magical shenanigans!

As is tradition, the expansion announcement was accompanied by a rather musical cinematic trailer. And don't worry about things turning too dark as Blizzard has gone for a more cheery Scholomance of the past, rather than the grim and dreary one we currently have in World of Warcraft. Anyway, have a look:

Starcraft 2 artwork showing all three factions

[Update]: The anniversary patch has now gone live, and it sure is a big one!

Even though Starcraft 2's Map Editor is significantly more powerful than its Warcraft 3 counterpart, using it requires unusual amounts of effort. When I first tried to make a map, and this was after years of playing around with Warcraft 3's editor, it took me well over an hour to figure out how to change a single character model! Needless to say, things like that aren't exactly ideal for a tool that's supposed to be fun for everyone to mess around with, regardless of their experience.

With that in mind, you might be glad to hear that all of this will soon be a thing of the past. It may have taken quite a while to get here, but Blizzard is now finally implementing some massive improvements to the Map Editor, many of which are inspired by Warcraft 3.

No Man's Sky Desolation update screenshot of a horror atmosphere

In a bit of a surprising (albeit not unwelcome) change in direction, No Man's Sky's Desolation update has now brought in a smidgen of survival-horror to the usually relaxed exploration. Most of this comes through the newly added derelict and procedurally generated ships, many of which are filled with both alien riches and dangers to uncover.

While each ship is randomly generated, there are plenty of hand-written text logs for you to find throughout your journey, all in an effort to piece together just what exactly happened to the ship you're on. But if you don't really care about the story, worry not as you'll still have plenty to do given that the ships appear to be practically infested with innumerable alien nasties.

Overwatch concept artwork showing off Genji

[Update #2]: The latest patch has brought in experimental Assault (2CP) changes and Genji nerfs.

[Update]: Overwatch devs have now also shared a behind-the-scenes look at their tools, engine and potential challenges.

While they aren't always successful, the experimental updates have proven themselves to be quite useful for improving Overwatch as a whole. They allow Blizzard to quickly test balance changes and see the community's reaction to them, as well as mess around with some of the fundamentals like the number of tank players per team without actually disrupting the usual gameplay.

As such, I am very happy to say that Blizzard is currently planning to unleash two new experiments in the near future. The first one will be balance-focused and will bring with it some much-needed nerfs to Genji, as well as yet another batch of potential changes for Moira, all in an effort to make her a more fair and interesting character to play.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town screenshot of horse riding through town

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, formerly a part of the Harvest Moon series, was a rather excellent Game Boy Advance game from 2003. While there were plenty of similar games released around the time, Friends of Mineral Town is the one that has quite handily stood the test of time and inspired the vast majority of the modern 'country life simulators', including one of my favorites - Stardew Valley.

With that in mind, I'm very pleased to say that the full remake of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has now landed onto PC! It brings with it improved visuals, a nice chunk of extra content to spice things up, and perhaps most importantly, a plethora of quality-of-life changes including the ability for your farm animals to actually feed themselves without you having to manually push them around every day!

Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion artwork without logo

If you were looking forward to Destiny 2's upcoming Beyond Light expansion, I'm afraid I bring some bad news. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Beyond Light's release date has been pushed back from September 22nd to November 10th.

"As the first chapter in a new trilogy of expansions, Beyond Light is the beginning of a new era of Destiny 2," reads the developer update. "We have a powerful story to tell and incredible new features that we're really excited for players to experience. As always, our goal is to make the coolest, most entertaining expansion we can possibly make for our fans. To that end, we are doing what’s best for the game and moving the launch date."

Death Come True 'screenshot' from one of the events

Kazutaka Kodaka, the creative mind behind the bizarre yet enthralling Danganronpa series, has now released his brand new game onto PC - Death Come True. As you might imagine given his previous work, Death Come True is a bit of a strange game. Instead of your usual run-of-the-mill horror adventure, Death Come True is entirely made out of FMV (full motion video) sequences and plays like an interactive movie more than anything else.

If you're curious what this looks like in action, as well as how good the actual acting even is, you can find what you seek through one of the recent trailers. Have a little peek, and don't forget to turn on the subtitles!

Overwatch screenshot of Maestro Sigma

[Update]: Overwatch devs are working on two experimental updates, the first of which bring some Genji nerfs.

After spending a surprisingly long amount of time on the test realm, the long-requested improvements to the Career Profiles have now gone live. Under the new system you can see exactly how much time you've spent in each game mode, the various statistics have been cleaned up and organized in a more intuitive way, achievements are now sorted by category, and perhaps most importantly of all, player icons can now finally be both sorted and filtered!

Besides this rather nice quality-of-life change, the recent update has also brought in Sigma's Maestro challenge. Much like the previous challenges, this one requires you to win nine games before July 27th in order to receive some rather nifty cosmetic rewards. These include a spray, a legendary emote, as well as the genuinely excellent Maestro Sigma legendary skin!