World of Warcraft artwork for Alterac Valley

[Update]: World of Warcraft: Classic's character creation and name reservation services are now live!

Blizzard has recently announced that they will be opening character creation for World of Warcraft: Classic on August 12th. So if you have a currently active subscription and a desire to play WoW Classic, make sure to use that opportunity to get some of your favorite names reserved for the official launch on August 26th.

However, you can't exactly create your characters without knowing which server you and your friends will be on, which is why I'm glad to say that Blizzard has now finally released the list of WoW Classic server names and types! What I'm not quite as happy with are the server names they have chosen, as you'll quickly realize once you start going through them.

Vermintide 2 screenshot showing Sienna and Beastmen

[Update]: Vermintide 2's Winds of Magic expansion has now arrived for PC players. The console versions are still under development, though no release date has been announced just yet.

Vermintide 2's Winds of Magic expansion is set to arrive in the near future, bringing with it a series of increasingly more challenging content. So in order to set the stage, as well as to iron out some of the balance problems, Fatshark has recently released a massive update that has reworked combat from the ground up.

As you might imagine from such a big update, not everything has gone exactly according to plan. In other words, the update brought with it a rather massive spike in difficulty, so much so that even the veterans of the series found themselves struggling with the lowliest of ratmen. This was especially apparent on some of the faster weapons as they simply could not stagger the enemy hordes in time, which would then quickly lead to the players getting drowned under an entire sea of Skaven and Chaos fanatics.

Final Fantasy XIV official artwork for Shadowbringers without the logo

One of the first things people told me when I started playing Final Fantasy XIV is that I would have to go through an unbearable amount of simple quests in order to reach the really juicy expansions. Initially I genuinely didn't understand what they were talking about, because even though things were a bit too simple for my tastes, it wasn't that big of a deal for an MMO's early-game.

However, once I progressed through the main storyline further, I quickly realized what they meant - dozens upon dozens upon dozens of quests with no real weight or interest to them, all of which are mandatory to move onto the significantly more exciting expansions. I had a friend with me so it wasn't as tedious as it could've been, but it's definitely something I would never want to inflict upon any new player.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall screenshot of dinosaurs wielding guns

After a fairly solid Age of Wonders 3, Triumph Studios have now returned with the brand new and standalone Age of Wonders: Planetfall. It brings with it a massive new world to explore, a variety of highly customizable factions, numerous upgrades and research options to toy around with, and naturally, a whole bunch of different routes towards victory.

However, since that can apply to just about every single 4X strategy game these days, allow me to also share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of just what Age of Wonders: Planetfall is all about. Have a gander:

Rocket League screenshot of a goal being scored

While I personally don't mind microtransactions, I do have a lot to complain about when it comes to loot boxes. They are always stuffed to the brim with garbage, the chances of you getting the item you want are exceedingly small, while the actual price you'd have to pay to buy a specific item is far higher than that item should ever really cost. In short, the whole system is just an exploitative mess.

As such, I am very happy to say that Rocket League will be getting ride of the whole system! According to the latest announcement, they will be removing all paid, randomized loot boxes, and replacing them with a system that always shows you exactly what you'll be buying in advance.

World of Warcraft: Classic artwork of a Gryphon rider

[Update]: World of Warcraft: Classic's character creation and name reservation services are now live!

If you're looking to give World of Warcraft: Classic a try before it officially releases on August 26th, you're in luck as Blizzard has now unleashed the final stress test. You might want to hurry, however, as the stress test will only be live until August 9th!

Much like before, an active World of Warcraft subscription is needed to enter, though there are other requirements. As for the in-game restrictions, the only one that's worth mentioning is that the maximum character level is 15. While it doesn't sound like much, I highly doubt most people will even end up getting that far, especially considering how short the stress test truly is.

World of Warcraft: Classic official artwork showing off Ragnaros

[Update]: World of Warcraft: Classic's character creation and name reservation services are now live!

The greatest challenge in any MMO aren't the end-game raids or even high-level PvP battles, but rather the simple process of choosing the perfect name for your character. After all, you're going to invest hundreds of hours into them, so the name clearly has to be a good one... or at least one that's available after you've already lost 20 minutes cycling through variations of all of your favorites!

In order to sidestep this problem, as well as give the most dedicated players a chance to reserve their favorite names, Blizzard will be opening up character creation on August 12th at 3:00pm PDT. As expected, in order to create your WoW Classic characters ahead of time, you will need an active World of Warcraft subscription.