Vermintide screenshot from the original Drachenfels DLC level

Vermintide 2's Winds of Magic expansion has only just launched, and already Fatshark has come out to announce that there is even more content on the horizon. As a part of the upcoming Season 2, we will be getting three reworked and entirely free levels from the original's Drachenfels DLC. The first of these levels will be released at the start of Season 2, while the other two will be sprinkled throughout the season.

When exactly Season 2 will arrive, I'm afraid Fatshark hasn't said, but what they have revealed is a new in-game shop for cosmetics - Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders. Most of the items will be purchasable through in-game currency earned from Daily and Weekly missions, though there will also be cosmetics that are only purchasable with real money. A little bit scary given Vermintide 2's current lack of quality cosmetics, but I suppose it's a small price to pay for continued support and free maps.

Total War: Warhammer 2 official artwork and logo for The Hunter & The Beast DLC

If you're looking for an excuse to take Total War: Warhammer 2 for another spin, you might be glad to hear that The Hunter & The Beast DLC has now arrived. It brings with it a brand new Legendary Lord for the Lizardmen (Nakai the Wanderer) and Empire (Markus Wulfhart), a variety of fancy new units, new regiments of renown, and perhaps most importantly, new campaign mechanics for both factions to explore.

As for what exactly the DLC is themed after, that you will find out through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a peek, it'll give you some much-needed context:

Tyrants of the Moonsea official artwork and logo

Back in March of 2018 Beamdog released a remastered version of Neverwinter Nights, featuring a variety of small but certainly welcome improvements. The Enhanced Edition's release date was also marked by the arrival of three new DLC campaigns: Pirates of the Sword Coast, Infinite Dungeons and Wyvren Crown of Cormyr. The quality between them differed greatly, but even so, they were a pretty fun way of getting a few more hours out of Neverwinter Nights once you were done with the main storyline.

However, if you're looking for something a bit more meaty, you might be interested to hear that Beamdog and Ossian Studios have now released a chunky new expansion - Tyrants of the Moonsea. It brings with it around twenty hours of gameplay and story, a large new world to explore, five trusty new companions as well as five new monsters to use them against, and naturally, a whole bunch of new loot to hoard.

Total War: Warhammer 2 official artwork for Gor-Rok

[Update]: The Hunter & The Beast, as well as its accompanying free update, have now arrived in force!

Total War: Warhammer 2 will be getting The Hunter & The Beast DLC this September 11th, which will bring with it a whole host of new toys to play around with for both the Empire and Lizardmen. Expect to see two new Legendary Lords, a variety of new units, new regiments of renown, as well as new campaign mechanics for both factions.

Besides the paid DLC, September 11th will also mark the arrival of a massive free update. The Empire will be getting its long-awaited rework and will now actually be able to summon the Elector Counts, while the Lizardmen will get an extremely powerful (and free) new Legendary lord - Gor-Rok, the Great White Lizard.

The Surge 2 player character with a giant sword

Action-RPG The Surge 2 is set to arrive this September 24th for both PC and consoles. You can expect to see a whole bunch of Dark Souls inspired action, a much wider and interesting world to explore when compared to its predecessor, as well as plenty of weapons and customization options to help you tear murder-bots and other monstrosities limb from limb.

Since words alone aren't really good enough when it comes to describing an action-RPG, I'm happy to say that the developers have now released 13 minutes of pure gameplay. So if you're wondering just what The Surge 2 has to offer, you'll find your answers right below:

Apex Legends screenshot of Wraith from the Voidwalker event

After an extremely slow and barren Season 1, it would appear that Respawn has come better prepared for Season 2. Just last month we've had an Octane themed event alongside a bunch of new cosmetics, and already we're getting the same sort of treatment, just with a bit of a Wraith flair to it.

Much like the Octane event, the Voidwalker update has redesigned an area to highlight some of Wraith's story, as well as to make a previously boring part of the map just a little bit more exciting. And thankfully, the new rework has managed to do just that by adding some lovely in-door areas to fight in, as well as a giant portal to fling yourself through!

World of Warcraft: Classic Onyxia artwork

[Update]: Blizzard is now getting ready to entirely remove the layering system.

In order to avoid having half-empty servers later on, as well as to combat the initially massive influx of players, Blizzard implemented a layering system for World of Warcraft: Classic. Essentially, it's like having mini-servers within each server.

While the layering system has done its job admirably by making WoW Classic actually playable during its launch week, there have been a couple of problems as well. Most notably, some players have been using layering to search for rare monsters and loot, potentially doubling or even tripling the amount of items they'd normally be able to farm.