Overwatch official artwork for Sigma

After a few dozen leaks and an extended testing phase, Role Queue has now finally made its way to Overwatch. The new system will now ensure each team has exactly two supports, two tanks and two DPS, while also giving you the ability to queue for exactly the role (or roles) you want. Best of all, each role has its own unique matchmaking rating, so regardless of what role you decide to play, you'll be matched with people of equal skill! Right now Role Queue is only up and running in the competitive mode, though it will become available in quick play on September 1st as well. 

Besides Role Queue, the highlight of this update is definitely the new main tank Sigma. Not only does he have a downright awesome story trailer, but he's also another shield-focused tank to help give some diversity to poor main tank players that have been stuck on Orisa and Reinhardt for literal years at this point. Here's what Sigma can offer:

Destiny 2 official artwork for the Shadowkeep expansion

Destiny 2 will be leaving Blizzard's BattleNet platform and transferring over to Steam in October. This move will also be marked with a transition towards a free-to-play model with optional expansion packs, as well as a whole bunch of other general changes.

So if you would like to have your PC character survive the move towards Steam, you'll need to link your two accounts over at Bungie's PCmove website. The service will become available on August 20th and will allow you transfer absolutely everything, including your expansion purchases, so do make sure to go through the process or you'll find yourself starting from the very beginning on Steam.

The Surge 2 artwork showing off the logo

Souls-inspired The Surge 2 will be making its way to both PC and consoles on September 24th, bringing with it a variety of improvements over its predecessor. You can expect to see significantly more customization, more precise combat mechanics, a less cramped world to explore, and naturally, a boatload of new enemies to endlessly die against.

If you're wondering how all of this might translate into gameplay, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It's not a very long preview, but it's certainly a fancy-looking one. Have a gander:

Total War Saga official artwork

Now that Total War: Three Kingdoms has fully launched and Total War: Warhammer 3 is still a spec on the horizon, it seem like the perfect time for a bit of experimentation. As such, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that Creative Assembly is apparently working on a new Total War Saga game!

This information comes to us from the Intellectual Property Office, so while there has been no official confirmation from Creative Assembly, the report is most likely going to end up being true. I certainly hope so anyway, because a Total War Saga spin-off based around Troy would be genuinely fun to mess around with!

World of Warcraft: Classic artwork showing off Ragnaros

[Update]: Due to high demand, Blizzard has now added two new PvP servers!

If you're looking to create the perfect World of Warcraft: Classic character ahead of the August 26th release date, you might want to hop onto BattleNet as soon as possible. Long story short, Blizzard has now finally opened character creation and name reservation for WoW Classic!

The only real requirement is that you have a currently active World of Warcraft subscription. Besides that, all you need to do is change to WoW Classic on BattleNet, log into the game, and create a character on whichever server you like. During this pre-launch period you'll be limited to three characters per account, though once WoW Classic goes live, you'll be able to create ten characters per realm and fifty in total.

No Man's Sky screenshot from the trailer of the massive Beyond update

It is no secret that No Man's Sky launched as a bit of a mess. To put it simply, it was a skeleton of a game, filled with a whole bunch of interesting ideas and features, but without anything to actually connect them or give them a purpose. Just another in a long line of games that tried to bite off far more than it could possibly chew.

Usually the story would end there, but Hello Games thankfully chose to go for a bit of a different path. Instead of simply abandoning No Man's Sky for a brand new project, they got to work on the herculean task of fleshing out the core gameplay and turning No Man's Sky into something you'd want to not only play frequently, but also get your friends interested in as well! 

Killing Floor 2 screenshot of the flamethrower weapon

Creating a multiplayer-focused game is an incredibly difficult task, especially for a smaller studio. Even if the stars align and you end up with a solid playerbase at the very start, it's often quite challenging to get those players to stick around for long periods of time. And without a large assortment of players, getting the funding necessary to continue developing new content becomes increasingly more problematic, which then only further pushes players away. 

As you might imagine from the title alone, Tripwire has currently found themselves in exactly this situation with Killing Floor 2. According to the most recent developer post, they are more than willing to keep adding new content, but the cost simply outstrips any returns such updates might bring. So in order to correct this while still bringing in new content, Tripwire are looking to start selling individual weapons as DLC.