Artifact official screenshot of the Axe card

Valve's card game Artifact is in a bit of an unfortunate spot right now. Despite launching with some pretty respectable numbers, it has rather quickly deteriorated to the point where it averages less than two thousand players at any one moment. Whether this is due to the in-game economy, balance problems, lack of features or a combination of all three, I have no idea, but it's becoming quite apparent that Artifact will need a lot of work in order to live up to its potential.

With that in mind, I am glad to say that Valve has now released yet another balance patch, as well as a briefly stated that they are "still in it for the long haul" with Artifact. In classic Valve tradition they didn't exactly elaborate what their plans for Artifact are, but I can only hope they'll manage to turn the ship around like they've already done with the early version of CS:GO.

Overwatch artwork for the brand new map set in Paris

A little while ago Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan announced that they have a bunch of new content coming in the near future. As you're most likely aware, he really wasn't joking given that over the past few weeks Overwatch received a nice variety of updates. The Lunar New Year event added numerous new and old skins to collect, the Ana Bastet challenge offered a fancy new cosmetic alongside a short story, while the most recent balance update finally brought in some much-needed nerfs to the tank-heavy support lineups.

Given the Overwatch team's relative silence after the event's launch I assumed that was 'it' for the time being, but thankfully it would appear that I was quite wrong as the Overwatch PTR has just been updated with a brand new Assault map set in Paris! I won't pretend I'm exactly happy to see yet another choke-heavy Assault map, but if nothing else, the new Paris map really is beautiful to look at!

Metro Exodus screenshot of a broken mask

The Epic Games Store released a little while ago with two major positives to its name: noticeably higher revenue sharing for developers, and a free game every two weeks for the rest of us. That alone would be enough to make most people at least check it out, but then Epic decided to take things a step further by offering developers seemingly large sums of money in exchange for a year-long exclusivity period.

The latest in this list of exclusives, as you can probably guess from the title, is the soon-to-be-released Metro Exodus. All current pre-orders (both digital and physical) will still contain a Steam key as previously promised, and will still be able to grab all of the possible expansions and DLCs as normal. Any future purchases on PC, however, will need to be done on the Epic Games Store until the exclusivity deal expires on February 14th, 2020.

Overwatch screenshot of Brigitte, Tracer and D.Va dancing

Overwatch's third annual Lunar New Year event has now arrived for PC and consoles, bringing with it a variety of new and old cosmetics to collect, competitive capture-the-flag to help bolster your supply of Competitive Points, as well as some pretty darn impactful balance changes.

You'll find all of the details over at the official website, but if you're just interested in the short version, allow me to share with you the most relevant balance changes. Have a peek, they're quite an interesting bunch:

Subnautica: Below Zero artwork showing the frozen underwater caverns

Unknown Worlds announced back in August that they are working on a chilling standalone expansion - Subnautica: Below Zero. As you might expect from the name alone, the upcoming expansion will offer a brand new storyline set in the Subnautica universe, and will take place in the ice-bound region of planet 4546B after the events of the first game. Other than those little tidbits of information, however, we are almost entirely in the dark about Subnautica: Below Zero.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that Unknown Worlds has now come out to announce that Subnautica: Below Zero will be heading to Early Access next week, on January 30th! The initial version is expected to be both unpolished and lacking in content, so if do decide to grab it as soon as it becomes available, make sure you're doing so with the intent of providing the developers with some much-needed feedback. Personally, I'd recommend waiting until the game is fully finished as that will give you the best possible experience, but I can definitely understand why some of you might be tempted to get in there as soon as possible.

Resident Evil 2 remake screenshot of the Tyrant

After quite a few teasers and previews, the Resident Evil 2 remake has now made its way to both PC and consoles. It brings with it greatly enhanced visuals, support for modern resolutions and 60 FPS, significantly adjusted movement and aiming mechanics, a variety of changes to the environment and puzzles, and the list goes on for quite a while.

I'll have a full review up in a day or two once I've collected my thoughts, but what I can tell you right now is that that new Resident Evil 2 is a pretty damn excellent game! It's not exactly a faithful remaster of the original as it features significant changes to nearly all aspects of gameplay, but thankfully the vast majority of those tweaks have gone towards making an incredibly compelling horror game, and one I would highly recommend you check out.

Metro Exodus screenshot showing a broken mask

In a bit of an unusual move, Deep Silver revealed late last year that Metro Exodus will not be releasing on February 22nd as previously announced, but rather on February 15th. A relatively small leap in the grand scheme of things, but also one that could indicate that the team is quite confident in the current state and performance of Metro Exodus.

Whatever the case may be, you might be glad to hear that the developers have now also released PC system requirements covering everything from the bare minimum to the top of the line. Here's what you can expect: