Overwatch screenshot of the Lego themed Brick Bastion

In order to bridge the gap between major content updates, Blizzard has started releasing more and more mini-events. Usually these events require you to win nine matches in any game mode, and reward a couple of sprays and a fancy new epic skin for your troubles. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but it's certainly a fun little addition.

The latest event, however, is a little bit more special! Instead of simply rewarding a recolored epic skin, Bastion’s Brick Challenge offers you a chance to grab a Lego themed Bastion skin. But not only does the Brick Bastion skin look straight up awesome, it also features custom sounds and animations - all of which are Lego flavored!

Freespace 2 screenshot of a ship being upgraded

While practically ancient by today's standards, Freespace 2 is still one of the most engrossing and enjoyable space sims out there. As such, I am more than happy to say that Freespace 2 is also currently entirely free to grab!

Simply head on over to GOG, snatch yourself a copy, and you'll be able to play Freespace 2 whenever you want and for however long you want. The only catch is that I'm a little bit late with this article, and so the whole promotion will end in a mere twelve hours. In other words, you might want to hurry up!

World of Warcraft Update 8.2.5 screenshot of Thrall, Anduin and Saurfang

[Update]: World of Warcraft devs have now released a lengthy preview of the upcoming Patch 8.3

While nowhere near as big as the previous content patch, Update 8.2.5 has now brought with it the climactic end of the War Campaign, as well as the long-awaited model reworks for both Worgen and Goblins. There's also a brand new bee mount for the Alliance to acquire, a variety of minor changes and tweaks, and perhaps most importantly, the ability for higher level players to quest with lower level ones through the new Party Sync option!

The Party Sync option will scale higher level players down to the maximum level of whatever expansion the lower level player is currently exploring. So if your friend is level 21, you will be scaled to level 60 while playing with them. This might sound pointless as level 60 players can absolutely annihilate level 21 enemies, but due to the way WoW handles scaling, both you and your friend will always be fighting against level-appropriate and at least somewhat challenging enemies.

Screenshot of a cinematic battle from Final Fantasy VII Remake's trailer

After being announced years ago and going through what appears to be a troubled development, Final Fantasy VII's remake has emerged completely unscarred. In fact, even that is an understatement as the newly released Tokyo Game Show gameplay footage is looking downright amazing!

Since there is no better way to showcase this than by simply letting you see it on your own, allow me to share with you the recently posted and fairly lengthy in-game trailer. Have a gander, it really is impressive:

Rage 2 official artwork and logo for the Rise of the Ghosts expansion

While Rage 2 may have ended up being a bit of a disappointment, it will soon have a chance to redeem itself. And I really do mean soon, as Rage 2's Rise of the Ghosts expansion will be coming to both PC and consoles on September 26th!

Rise of the Ghosts will bring with it a large new region to explore, as well as the titular Ghosts as a brand new faction to square off against. You'll also be able to unlock a new weapon and ability, as well as 'borrow' one of the Ghost's fancy motorcycles in order to make transportation a bit more interesting.

Obsidian's Tyranny in-game screenshot

If you're itching for some interesting (and lengthy) RPGs to sink your teeth into, you might want to check out the currently ongoing Humble Bundle. Among other things, it features Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny, as well as the Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced for those of you that are more multiplayer-inclined.

The bundle will stick around for another ~12 days, so should have plenty of time to make a decision on whether any of the games are up your alley. Personally, and you can probably already guess this given that it's in the title, I would highly recommend both Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny if you're into classic RPGs. They may be a little bit janky when it comes to the combat mechanics, but their stories and characters are highly intriguing, and well worth checking out while they're this cheap.

Project Resistance official artwork and logo

It would appear that the recent rumors were completely true. Not only is Capcom looking to create a multiplayer-focused Resident Evil spin-off, but they're also aiming to have it be an asymmetrical PvP affair, somewhat similar to games like Dead by Daylight.

How Project Resistance works is fairly simple. The mastermind player acts as a sort of dungeon master by placing enemies and setting up traps, all in order to bring down the four survivors and foil their plans. On the other side of the coin, each of the four survivors has to make good use of their unique abilities and strengths in order to help their allies and beat back the zombie hordes, as well as complete a variety of objectives in order to escape from the mastermind's clutches.