World of Warcraft screenshot of the Dwarf Heritage Armor from the Tides of Vengeance patch

After spending a rather long time on the PTR servers, World of Warcraft's Tides of Vengeance update will finally be arriving to the live servers later today. You can expect to see a brand new questline detailing the ongoing war between the Horde and the Alliance, a new Warfront set in Darkshore, as well as Faction Assaults that alter World Quests and provide a variety of new rewards.

If you're more of a PvE player, worry not as this update will also bring in some sweeping changes to the often bemoaned Island Expeditions. The rewards will be getting increased, you will be able to purchase certain items with currency you receive just by playing, enemy spawn rates and positions will be adjusted, and perhaps most importantly of all, the previously bizarre rules for item drops will be removed and you will now only need to win the round for a chance at cosmetic items. I have no idea if these changes will make Island Expeditions any more popular, but it's certainly a solid step in the right direction.

Those of you with a Dwarf or Blood Elf character will also be glad to hear that Tides of Vengeance will bring in some awesome Heritage Armor for each race. In order to acquire these cosmetic item sets you will need to complete a special racial questline, though in order to access it you will first need to be exalted with Silvermoon or Ironforge respectively. The quests themselves aren't terrible long, but from what I've seen they are going to be well worth checking out, even if you're not a fan of the actual cosmetics.

All of these changes I've listed out are just the tip of the iceberg, however, so if you're curious about everything Tides of Vegenance has to offer I would recommend you head on over to the official website. Just make sure to brew up some coffe before you dive in, because chances are you're going to be stuck there for quite a while!

And just for good measure, I'll leave you with the brief cinematic trailer introducing the Darkshore Warfront. Enjoy!