King Arthur: Knight's Tale artwork for the turn-based dark fantasy RPG

It took many updates and a little bit over a year, but the dark fantasy turn-based RPG King Arthur: Knight's Tale has now been released in full. As is to be expected, the launch was accompanied by a chunky update that has brought in the story's finale, as well as a whole host of new heroes and side-missions to play around with.

You can also expect to see four new enemy factions to beat up, an expanded morality chart and adventure map, a brand new CGI cinematic for each act, and naturally, a whole boatload of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. You can check out the exact details over at the patch notes.

What all of this looks like in action though, that you can find out through the release trailer below. Have a peek, it's a decently lengthy one:

I haven't played it myself so take the following with a few grains of salt, but so far the reviews seem to be mostly positive. There's the occasional complaint about bugs or the fact that battles drag on for too long, but overall the concept behind King Arthur: Knights Tale's gameplay seems to be solid. So if you're in the mood for a turn-based RPG and the somewhat high price tag doesn't scare you, this one might be worth a closer look.

You can learn more about King Arthur: Knight's Tale, as well as keep track of any post-launch updates, over at Steam. Have fun!