Prey (2017) screenshot of the mimic enemies

In a bit of a surprising turn of events, the Prey (2017) developers have now come to announce that they have removed the somewhat controversial Denuvo DRM from the Steam version. This now make the Steam copy the same as the one found on other storefronts like GOG or the Microsoft Store.

When it comes to concrete improvements, however, there is a chance this will make your Steam version load slightly faster, suffer from slightly fewer crashes, as well as sport slightly better performance. The reason I'm so conservative in my estimates here is that all of this will heavily depend on your individual PC, so don't be shocked if you either see a gigantic shift or barely any changes at all.

If you don't currently own Prey on Steam and you're curious just what the performance is like after this newest update, I do have another bit of good news - there is a free demo available! So simply head on over to Steam, take the demo for a spin, and you should get a pretty good idea of how well your PC will be able to run Prey.

To learn more about Prey itself, as well as keep track of any other sudden updates, you should visit the official website.