The Surge A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of a battle with a robot mascot

The Surge is a sci-fi action-RPG developed by the studio behind Lords of the Fallen. Much like its predecessor, as well as Dark Souls from which it draws a lot of inspiration, The Surge is all about tactical melee combat against enemies that can easily obliterate you. In order to succeed you will need to choose from a variety of unique weapons and fighting styles, carefully time your attacks to exploit an enemy's weakness, as well as pay close attention to your surroundings to avoid running face-first into a deadly ambush.

I personally found it to be a great deal of fun, which is why I'm glad to say that The Surge will be getting a major expansion this December - A Walk in the Park. Unlike the depressing industrial setting from the original, A Walk in the Park will offer a breath of fresh air by setting the action in a more open and colorful environment. Don't let the cheerful visuals deceive you though, because the CREO World theme park is going to be just as deadly, if not even more so!

There aren't that many details available right now, but you can expect to see a whole bunch of twisted mascots with bloodlust on their minds, a variety of new weapons and armor, as well as numerous implants to upgrade and further customize your playstyle. We still don't know how large the new theme park area will be, but apparently it will be full of branching paths and secrets to discover, which does lead me to believe it'll be of a decent size.

A Walk in the Park will arrive alongside the Complete Edition at some point in early December, though no exact release date has been given just yet. You can learn a little bit more, with the emphasis here placed squarely on 'little', by visiting either Steam or the official website. And finally, here's a couple of colorful yet strange images:

The Surge, A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of robots moving towards the player

The Surge A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of an ominous theme park

The Surge A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of a destroyed rollercoaster