Destroy All Humans! official artwork and logo

[Update]: The Destroy All Humans! 2 remake has now been unleashed onto PC and consoles.

If you're in the mood for some ridiculously over-the-top violence starring a permanently perturbed alien, you might want to check out the newly launched Destroy All Humans! remake. It brings with it greatly improved visuals and effects, the long-rumored Area 42 mission, an assortment of unique and frequently obscene weaponry, and most importantly of all, the same style of cheesy humor as the original.

You can get a pretty good idea of what this kind of madness looks like in gameplay terms through one of the recent trailers. Have a peek, it's a certainly a wacky one:

While the Destroy All Humans! remake is truly a faithful reimagining of the original, that exact thing is also its potential downfall. What I mean by this is that the gameplay can be somewhat dated and cumbersome at times, while simultaneously being far too easy for anyone that's even remotely experienced in the genre. So while this doesn't take away from how fun Destroy All Humans! can be, you might want to look into it a bit further if you don't have any sort of nostalgia for the original.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about the Destroy All Humans! remake, as well as check out the free demo, over at Steam. Have fun!