The Division's Falcon's Reach incursion screenshot

Ubisoft's The Division has just recently received a rather sizable boost in content through its second major expansion/DLC - Survival. It brought with it a brand new Survival mode which will test your ability to stay alive without relying on overpowered weaponry, a supposedly powerful and mysterious enemy that will try to hunt you down when you least expect it, and naturally, a whole bunch of new guns to shoot people in the face with.

If you're wondering what this new Survival mode is all about, here's a brief video going over the general premise. Before you jump in do bear in mind it features slight 'story' spoilers, but its such a generic introduction that I highly doubt you're going to lose much if you know it's coming. Anyway, here's the video:

In the new Survival mode you will need to make your way from the very edge of the city, all the way to Manhattan in order to retrieve some much-needed medical supplies. And if that alone isn't bad enough given that New York is practically a war zone in The Division, you'll have to do all of that while stuck in the middle of a blizzard with basically no equipment to your name! 

To survive you're going to have to ensure you don't freeze to death, but also that you don't go hungry, dehydrated, or even sick. And most importantly, make sure you don't get shot in the face by one of the other survivors who would love nothing more than to take your precious supplies! If you do end up kicking the bucket, worry not as it is possible to revive fallen players, but if you die 'properly' then I'm afraid that there are no respawns - you will need to start all over again.

If you would like to learn more about Survival, and the expansion in general, I would recommend you head over to The Division website. Have fun, and do try not to starve!