Kuma artwork for Tekken 7

After months of teasers, previews, and character introductions Tekken 7 has now finally arrived for both PC and consoles. But perhaps most importantly of all, it has arrived alongside some very favorable reviews and zero stories about the PC port being a flaming wreck. Now that is a rarity with AAA games these days!

If you're wondering what exactly Tekken 7 brings to the table, wonder no more as the developers have recently posted a video detailing all of its features and game modes. The video is about 4 minutes long, but it should give you a pretty damn good idea of what you're getting into. Have a look:

I'm not a big fan of fighting games so I obviously haven't played it myself, but from what I've managed to gather Tekken 7 is an extremely solid game. The visuals are great, the controls are responsive, the online multiplayer works perfectly, and even the PC port appears to have been handled quite well. So if you're up for adding a fighting game to your repertoire you might want to give Tekken 7 some consideration. You can learn more, or just watch some gameplay videos, by heading over to either Steam or the official website.

Tekken 7 screenshot of a character using a laser attack

Tekken 7 screenshot of a kick to the face

Tekken 7 screenshot of an energy blast