No More Heroes 3 comedic hack & slash stare-down artwork and logo

Much like its predecessors, No More Heroes 3 is a comedic hack & slash adventure that's all about cleaving through hordes of baddies and the occasional boss with an assortment of ridiculously flashy moves. If that sort of thing sounds like a fun way to spend the evening, you'll be happy to hear that the previously Switch exclusive No More Heroes 3 has now made its way to PC, PlayStation and Xbox as well.

Unfortunately, while the console versions of No More Heroes 3 have been updated with things like HD visuals and support for higher framerates, so far it looks like the PC version is a almost a direct copy of the original Switch game. So even though No More Heroes 3's PC port is still a nice bit of fun, if you have the means to do so you're almost certainly better off going with the Xbox or PlayStation versions instead.

As for what exactly the freshly improved No More Heroes 3 even looks like in action, that you can find out through the launch trailer below. Have a gander:

You can learn more about No More Heroes 3, as well as follow any potential announcements about additional enhancements for the PC version, over at Steam. Enjoy, and here's to hoping the devs will set things right.