Rocket League screenshot of a car scoring a goal

[Update]: Rocket League has gone free-to-play alongside a major new update.

In a bit of a surprising announcement, Psyonix has now come out to say that they will soon be ending support for both macOS and Linux platforms. Their final update will be in March, after which all online functionality (including in-game purchases and matchmaking) will be disabled entirely.

On the positive side, offline features like local matches and splitscreen play will remain fully accessible. Furthermore, if you've purchased Rocket League for Mac or Linux on Steam, you will be able to continue playing on the Windows version without an additional purchase or a reset on your profile.

If you don't own Windows, or if you simply don't want to swap platforms, you can also request a full refund, regardless of how many hours of Rocket League you've played. All you have to do is head on over to the Steam Support website, file an automated refund request, and simply state that you're requesting a refund because Psyonix is discontinuing support for your platform. It'll take a little while, but your refund should go through without a hitch.

Should you encounter any problems, or if you're simply looking for workarounds, you can read a little bit more about the situation over at the Rocket League website. Just bear in mind that the workarounds aren't officially supported and may be somewhat buggy, so don't be shocked if you have to do a little bit of fiddling in order to get everything working correctly. With that small warning now out of the way, I wish you the best of luck!