Blizzard World cosmetic - Butcher Roadhog

After stringing us along with the promise of an early 2018 release, Blizzard has now finally announced that the long-awaited Blizzard World map will be making it's way to the live Overwatch servers on January 23rd! As expected, this update will also be accompanied by a whole bunch of new cosmetics themed after the various other Blizzard games. You can find all of the currently announced skins over here, though it is worth mentioning that Blizzard seems to be teasing a couple of extra ones as well.

For those of you wondering what the new Blizzard World map might look like, wonder no more as there is a fairly short but sweet trailer available. The video won't give you a detailed rundown of the entire map, but it should be enough to clue you in on the general idea behind Blizzard World. Have a look:

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, it's also highly likely that this update will bring with it the recently announced Mercy and Junkrat nerfs. You can find all of the details over at the official forums, but long story short, these changes should go a long way towards making both heroes a lot less obnoxious to play against. In Mercy's case the nerfs might seem a bit drastic, but I have no doubts that she'll continue to be an incredibly powerful hero because of how much reliable healing she's able to output while also having some pretty damn good abilities to back all of that up.

If any more skins get announced I'll make sure to update you, but for now allow me to leave you with all of the currently announced hero sprays. Some of them are certainly peculiar... to say the least!

[Update #1]: A Brand new Pharah skin has been revealed. You can check it out on Twitter.

[Update #2]: New emotes have now been revealed. Head over to the Overwatch website to check them out.

[Update #3]: Both Lucio and Hanzo are getting new legendary skins, and I have to say they both look pretty damn awesome!

[Update #4]: McCree, Reaper, Junkrat, Symmetra, and Zenyatta are getting an epic skin each. Most of them are just alright, but the Reaper and Zenyatta ones are absolutely top notch! You can get a sneak peak on the Overwatch Twitter.

[Update #5]: D.Va is getting a new cat-themed legendary, and yes, it's about as awesome as it sounds. Have a look!

Hero sprays from the upcoming Blizzard World patch