Overwatch screenshot of Reaper's Code of Violence skin

While the vast majority of the Overwatch team is currently working on Overwatch 2, I'm happy to say that the original is still getting at least a bit of attention from Blizzard. As such, the freshly released Reaper's Code of Violence update has brought with it a new Reaper-themed challenge, as well as a short story offering some long-awaited lore for one of the main baddies.

The Reaper's Code of Violence challenge will remain active until March 8th, during which you'll have the opportunity to grab a bunch of nifty cosmetics by simply playing the game or watching partnered streams. These include things like sprays and player icons, as well as a rather fancy Reaper Legendary skin. Here's a brief and rather entertaining trailer showing off what they look like:

Even though it's not specifically related to the game itself, the real meat of this update is the Reaper focused short story by Brandon Easton. It offers some rather interesting insights into Reaper's motives and thought process, so if you're into Overwatch lore I'd say it's well worth checking out.

As for the future, it's highly likely that some of the changes from the recent and outlandish experimental balance patch will be adapted to the live servers. So while the details are still nonexistent, there's at least something to look forward to before Overwatch 2 finally gets a release date.

Whatever the future might bring, I'll make sure to let you know. For now, however, have fun getting the new Reaper skin!

Overwatch's Reaper skin from the Code of Violence event in the King's Row map