Overwatch Pharah cups demonstrating high bandwidth servers

If you've been playing Overwatch since the very beginning you may have noticed that the past month featured a lot less players shouting: "ARGH, HE JUST SHOT ME AROUND A CORNER". The reason for this is the relatively recent introduction of high bandwidth servers and the upgrade from 20 ticks (server updates per second) all the way to 60 ticks.

Since netcode is a pretty damn complex topic, even among people who might otherwise be well versed in computer science, Overwatch devs have decided to release a short but informative video explaining the implementation of high bandwidth servers. And more importantly, how exactly high bandwidth servers can improve your Overwatch experience! Here's the video, courtesy of Blizzard's Tim Ford and Philip Orwig:


While Ford and Orwig haven't given us any details on which regions currently posses high bandwidth servers, I can guarantee you that both the US and Europe servers have been running this tech for the past month or so. This doesn't span all of the servers in the region, however, as I have noticed quite a few that still have the IND (Interpolation Delay) set to 20, but its a significant enough number that your Competitive Play should now be nonsense free. Here's to hoping this change propagates to the console servers in the near future as well. Its far too important for Competitive Play to have it any other way!

On a final and somewhat silly note, I am definitely up for more complex problems being demonstrated through the use of Pharah cups!