Overwatch beta is coming back online this February 9th

The delay between beta tests has been slightly longer this time around since Blizzard was hard at work on adding an entirely new game mode and maps after many players complained about repetition in the previous tests.

However, the wait is now over and the Overwatch beta is set to re-open on February 9th. Those that are lucky enough to get in can expect to see a reworked progression system, a new game mode and two maps, a bunch of balance changes and an update to the Private Game system. Here's a bit more information:

This new progression system will be the third time such a feature has been implemented in Overwatch. The first one was based around power progression while the second one was all about unlocking cool costumes for the heroes you play often. Unfortunately they both failed for very similar reasons, people would constantly play one hero and one hero only even to the detriment of the team and their own fun.

In order to address this issue the new progression system will be global and will relate mostly to fun cosmetic items such as sprays, emotes and other such features that won't "lock" players to certain characters. And if you're wondering what exactly the rewards will be I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the beta starts up once more.

I would also love to tell you more about the as of yet unannounced game mode and the two maps that come along with it but unfortunately Blizzard has been rather tight lipped about it. The only tiny piece of information they did divulge was that its going to be very team orientated, as if that was a surprise for a team-based FPS like Overwatch.

Detailed screenshot of Overwatch Volskaya map

Overwatch maps tend to have a lot of little details put in to them

Finally, the Private Game mode is getting plenty of new features and updates, most of which are still being kept secret but we do know that you'll be able to host full A.I. matches. Now I'm not sure whether this means you'll simply be able to fill out a lobby with bots and let them duel it out while you observe as a very bored godlike figure or if the "vs A.I." mode will be getting some much needed updates. Hopefully the latter since it was incredibly rudimentary in previous tests.

The Overwatch Closed Beta will arrive to the Americas and Europe on February 9th with Asia following a while later on February 16th. If you would like to get a key and fancy yourself capable of winning the lottery head over to the Overwatch website.

And just in case you missed it, here's the theatrical teaser from a month or so ago: