Hard Reset Redux using the lighting gun

Hard Reset is a cyberpunk FPS that's all about vaporizing hordes upon hordes of robotic enemies with completely over-the-top weaponry, overuse of explosions, and now with the newly added cyber-katana as well.

The remastered edition, or Hard Reset Redux as its called, brings with it visual and audio improvements, new enemies, more difficulty modes and a general re-balancing of the entire game, a new dash ability to further speed up combat, and finally, the above mentioned electrified katana.

Here's a 10 minute long gameplay video the developers released yesterday to show off all of the new and fancy features:


Hard Reset Redux will be arriving for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on June 3, and will support 1080p with stable 60 FPS on every single platform.

The price is currently unknown, but if you're interested in learning more about Hard Reset Redux I'd suggest you head over to the recently added Steam Store page.