MTG Arena artwork for a gigantic candy monster from Wilds of Eldraine

[Update #2]: MTG Arena's mini-expansion Alchemy: Eldraine is launching on October 10 with 30 brand new cards.

[Update]: MTG Arena devs have shared the Format Popularity Stats and their Plans for the Future.

After a lengthy round of teasers, MTG Arena's Wilds of Eldraine expansion has now finally been unleashed. It brings with it a wide assortment of new cards to mess around with, many of which are focused around food, adventures and enchantments, as well as an additional Mystical Archives styled bonus sheet filled with all sorts of classic enchantments from Magic's history.

Much like how it worked in the previous sets, each pack will have a single common card replaced with one of the aforementioned 'Enchanting Tale' cards. So whether you're planning to draft the set to completion or just crack packs, chances are you'll be able to collect a good chunk of the bonus cards without too much effort. A good thing too because the Enchanting Tale set contains some real bangers like Blood Moon or Necropotence!

You can check out the full list of Encahnting Tale cards, as well as their alternate treatments, over at the official website

As for the actual Wilds of Eldraine set, there's really only one new mechanic worth explaining: Role Tokens. These Role Tokens are auras created by various cards and immediately put onto creatures in order to give them a small benefit or drawback. Each creature can only be enchanted with one Role Token by each player, meaning that you can't double-stack a creature you own, but you can debuff an already enchanted creature on the opponent's side. A fairly simple mechanic and, as I've come to learn throughout my draft adventures, a rather entertaining one!

What these Role Tokens look like as a part of actual cards, as well as what else the Wilds of Eldraine set has to offer, that you can check out over at Scryfall as the official card gallery is a bit messy.

As a part of this update MTG Arena has also improved the advanced filters used during deckbuilding, extended duplicate protection to different printings of the same card, added a new pack opening animation and reveal screen, as well as rotated many sets out of the Alchemy format. Because of this, only the following sets are now legal in Alchemy:

Dominaria United
Alchemy: Dominaria
The Brothers’ War
Alchemy: The Brothers’ War
Phyrexia: All Will Be One
Alchemy: Phyrexia
March of the Machine
March of the Machine: The Aftermath
The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth
Wilds of Eldraine

The final thing worth mentioning is that a bunch of the rotated cards with nerfed versions have been restored to their original form. The full list hasn't been revealed, at least not to my knowledge, but I'm happy to say that cards like Hullbreaker Kraken, Kumano Faces Kakkazan and Baba Lysaga are all much stronger now.

Have fun with the new set, and I'll leave you with the surprisingly anime themed trailer: