Life is Strange Remastered Collection artwork without logo

After suffering a rather lengthy delay due to the pandemic messing everything up, the Life is Strange Remastered Collection has now finally made its way to both PC and consoles. The freshly remastered version brings with it improved visuals for both characters and environments, greatly enhanced character animations, lighting and engine tweaks, and most importantly, all of the content from Life is Strange and Before the Storm in one convenient package!

Since words alone aren't exactly the best at trying to describe visual improvements, allow me to stop babbling and instead share the newest gameplay preview. It should give you a pretty solid idea of just what the Remastered Collection has to offer. Have a look:

Personally, I don't see much of a point in this remaster as the first two Life is Strange games still look quite stylish. That said, the Remastered Collection is by no means bad. So if you haven't played Life is Strange and you enjoy these types of story-focused adventures, it's probably well worth a closer look. If you already own the two games, however, I wouldn't bother buying them again as the visual improvements do very little to enhance what made Life is Strange so great in the first place - the story and the characters.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can learn more about the Life is Strange Remastered Collection and its improvements over at Steam. Have fun!