Fallout 4's Wasteland Workshop is out on April 12

The trailers and initial previews for Fallout 4's first DLC, Automatron, were fairly lackluster, but it still ended up being a rather solid and robust piece of DLC, so I do hope the same applies to the Wasteland Workshop as there doesn't seem to be much to it.

The Wasteland Workshop brings with it nixie tube lighting, devious traps you can place in your settlements, taxidermy so you can stick the head of your favorite Deathclaw up on the wall, and cages that allow you to capture live creatures, including the aforementioned Deathclaw. Here's the trailer that lists out all of the features:


I suppose this is one of those console-focused DLCs as the PC version doesn't lack from a variety of mods that add new settlement elements, or the ability to spawn 50 'Macho Men Deathclaws' to duke it out with 50 'Tomas the Tank Engine Vertibirds'.

Even will that considered, however, I would still recommend waiting for some reviews to hit as the Wasteland Workshop doesn't seem like the type of DLC that would keep you entertained for very long. Enemy raids happen so rarely that no one is ever going to walk into your hellish maze of traps, and sending Preston to get his face chewed on by a Deathclaw can only be entertaining so many times.

Wasteland Workshop will be arriving on April 12 at a $5/€5 price tag, and here's to hoping it ends up being a surprise hit, much like Automatron.