Serious Sam 4 official artwork without logo

[Update #2]: Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem has now arrived, and so far it's looking like a shorter and slightly improved version of Serious Sam 4.

[Update]: Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem now has a lengthy, shotgun-powered gameplay preview!

In an incredibly brief teaser over at Twitter, Devolver Digital have revealed that they are planning to announce a brand new Serious Sam game next week. Not only that, but they are also aiming to fully release the game at some point this month!

The exact details are currently few and far between so I can only speculate about the nature of this new game, though a little bit of guesswork is always fun to indulge in so let's give it a shot. First things first, it's unlikely to be Serious Sam 5 as its predecessor isn't even two years old at this point. However, it could definitely be some sort of spin-off game given how many the Serious Sam series has managed to cultivate over the years. 

It's also possible that this could be a VR version of Serious Sam 4 with a bit of extra content mixed in. All of the previous VR releases were well received, and VR has only gotten bigger over the years, so I wouldn't be too surprised if Serious Sam 4 VR suddenly popped up later this month.

My final and least likely guess is some sort of expansion or standalone release based on Serious Sam 4. Basically, something that is almost a fully fledged Serious Sam game, just a bit smaller in scope and with less fancy new tech.

Whatever the answer may be, I'll make sure to let you know once Devolver Digital finally spills the beans. Until then, I'm afraid all we can really do is sit and wait.