Dead or Alive 6 close up screenshot of Kasumi

After a bit of a hiatus, the Dead or Alive series will finally be making a return on February 15th for both PC and consoles. You can expect Dead or Alive 6 to bring with it a brand new engine and improved graphics, visible damage on the characters as the combat drags on, a variety of new mechanics to help keep the gameplay fresh, and perhaps most surprisingly for the series, the completely over-the-top jiggle physics will be getting toned down in favor of creating much more elaborate and interesting costumes.

If you're wondering what all of this looks like in-game, allow me to share with you the recently posted teaser trailer. It's a bit over-edited for my liking, but it should still give you a pretty decent idea of the direction Dead or Alive 6 is heading in. Have a look:

Thankfully, instead of a pre-order bonus, Dead or Alive 6 will be rewarding early adopters. So if you decide to purchase Dead or Alive 6 before March 14th you will receive a bonus costume for Kasumi, as well as Nyotengu as a downloadable character on PC. If you want even more cosmetics, however, there will also be a Digital Deluxe edition that includes 25 extra costumes, some bonus musical tracks, an exclusive costume for Kasumi, and Kasumi's clone Phase 4 as a playable character.

Whether any of that is worth it or not, that I'll leave for you to decide. And finally, if you would like to learn more about Dead or Alive 6, you should head on over to either the official website or Steam.