Ulric and Bakko's Egg Brawl artwork for Battlerite

A mere few weeks have passed since Battlerite was graced by the sneaky and extremely aggressive Jamila, and already Stunlock Studios have released another champion. The newly added Ulric can best be described as a paladin, a melee-support that is fully capable of both healing his allies and dishing out a fair bit of punishment.

You can find the full list of his abilities, as well as all of his battlerites, over at the official website. If you just want the quick version, however, allow me to share with you the most recent Champion Preview. It's a little bit on the short side, but it'll still give you a good idea of what to expect from Ulric. Have a gander:

I've only played with Ulric for a couple of matches so far, but even so I feel like he's a little bit overtuned. This might be due to the quality of my opponents, but I was constantly able to dish out heavy healing while also being incredibly well-protected due to Ulric's powerful battlerites, which is quite a nasty combo for a melee-ranged support. I'll need a bit more playtime with him before I can really comment on the balance, but what I can say is that Ulric is simply a blast to play, and that is perhaps the most important thing.

Besides Ulric himself, this update has also brought with it an Easter themed event - Bakko's Egg Brawl. As you might imagine from the name, you'll be expect to find magical eggs hidden throughout the arena, and then throw them at your enemies in order to both humiliate them and secure glorious victory! Win 15 of these rounds (not matches) before April 11th and you'll also secure a rather fancy Golden Rooster mount, as well as two random rare items.

You can read more about Ulric, Update 1.5 and Battlerite itself by heading over to Steam.