Apex Legends screenshot of Pathfinder from the War Games event

[Update #2]: The War Games update is now live and running!

[Update]: Apex Legends' Season 9 will bring in yet another major Lifeline rework.

In an effort to shake things up a bit, Apex Legends will soon be releasing a brand new War Games event. Once it arrives this April 13th it'll bring with it five limited-time game modes, a whole assortment of new cosmetics to collect, and as is tradition, some nifty balance changes and bug fixes to round everything out.

While the latter has not been announced just yet, Respawn has at least revealed what the five new game modes will be all about. Here's a brief description of each one, as well as a gameplay trailer showing them all off in action:

SECOND CHANCE (April 13-15)

In this modifier, each Legend is granted one free respawn per match. Once a Legend is killed, their Respawn Token is consumed as they rise again from their current location retaining all their weapons and gear. After a short duration, the player respawns high in the air to skydive back into the action.

ULTRA ZONES (April 15-19)

Ultra Zones introduce the concept of multiple Hot Zones within a single map. More epic loot, more gold items! But wait, there’s more! Each Hot Zone is enveloped in a Flash Point—a returning feature from a Season 6 LTM. For those who don’t already know, Flash Points are enormous, glowing bubbles that replenish your HP and shields when you stand in them. In this mode, consumable items are still available as normal throughout the loot pool.

AUTO BANNERS (April 19-21)

In this modifier we’ve made a rather small but spicy change to squadmate respawning. Your Squadmates Banner Cards are automatically retrieved! No need to loot their death box to retrieve their Banner Cards, just head straight to a respawn beacon. The loot pool has been altered to contain more Mobile Respawn Beacons too.

KILLING TIME (April 21-23)

This event speeds up the match as Legends fall. During a round, whenever a Legend dies, the round time is reduced. If any given round is a massacre, you can bet that ring will be closing real quick! Keep an eye on the round timer and the ring in this modifier.

ARMOR REGEN (April 23-27)

Your armor regenerates over time at a rate of 12 points per second. Whenever you take damage, your armor will begin regenerating after an 8-second delay. This delay is doubled to 16 seconds if your armor gets cracked. One last thing for this mode: there are no Shield Cells in the loot pool!

Once the War Games event goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a tiny bit more about it, as well as check out some of the free reward track cosmetics, over at the Apex Legends website.