Overcooked! 2 artwork and logo for the Carnival of Chaos DLC

If you've managed to complete everything Overcooked! 2 has to offer, and you've somehow held onto your friends despite all of the chaos, then you'll be glad to hear that there are even more maps coming! The third part of the Season Pass, the Carnival of Chaos DLC, has now been pinned for a September 12th release date.

No details have been given just yet, not even a number of maps, but you can at least get a little bit of a sneak peek at them through the recently posted teaser trailer. Have a gander:

Re:Legend official artwork and logo

Re:Legend is a charming RPG that combines monster raising with farming, fishing, and naturally, village-building. It was originally supposed to arrive in June of 2018 for PC and consoles, but was unfortunately delayed over and over again.

Thankfully, the long wait is now almost over as Re: Legend will be heading over to Steam Early Access on August 30th! Here's a brief trailer highlighting just what sort of cuteness you can expect to see:

Spelunky 2 screenshot of a prim and proper Walrus

Spelunky 2 was originally supposed to arrive in 2019, but it would appear that the estimate was a bit overambitious. According to the latest announcement, Spelunky 2's release date has now been pushed back to 2020, though no exact date has been given just yet.

"Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to get to release Spelunky 2 this year," reads the brief update. "Development is still going well and we're not far off target, but the density and detail of the game is demanding more time."

Official artwork for the puzzle-platformer Fez

If you're looking to take a break from all of the action and play something that's a bit more relaxed, you might be glad to hear that the indie puzzle-platformer Fez is currently free to grab. Simply head on over to the Epic Games Store, go through the brief 'purchasing' process, and you'll be flinging yourself straight into pits in no time.

As always with these types of giveaways, there is a bit of a time limit you'll need to watch out for. In other words, just make sure to grab Fez before August 29th, after which you'll be able to play it whenever you want.

Slay the Spire icons for the brand new fourth character

[Update]: Slay the Spire's fourth character The Watcher is now playable in the Steam Beta.

After spending a considerable amount of time porting Slay the Spire to various platforms, the developers have recently announced that they are once again working on brand new content. More specifically, a free DLC containing a playable fourth character!

That's not where the good news ends, however, as the new character is a lot closer than you might imagine. According to the latest Steam update, the fourth character will be heading into beta testing on September 9th!

Dicey Dungeons official artwork and logo

If you're up for a roguelike game that's a little bit out of the ordinary, you might want to check out the newly released Dicey Dungeons. As the name itself would imply, the entire game revolves around dice and dice rolls, to the point that even the main characters themselves are sentient dice!

However, despite every single facet of Dicey Dungeons being dominated by random dice rolls, I am both surprised and pleased to say that the actual gameplay is quite strategic. Sure, you'll still have to deal with a constant stream of random numbers, but through various abilities and items it is entirely possible to mitigate the randomness and execute whatever strategy you have going for you.

Trine 4 official screenshot of the mage character's snowy house

After a somewhat disappointing Trine 3, the puzzle-platformer series will be returning this October 8th for both PC and consoles. It'll bring with it a whole bunch of beautiful artwork spread across a variety of 2.5D levels, online and local co-op for up to four players, a newly enhanced combat system, and naturally, more environmental puzzles to endlessly cheese with the wizard character!

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this looks like in-game through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander, the artwork really is lovely: