Official artwork and logo for To the Moon 3: Impostor Factory

The original To the Moon is a highly emotional game with some genuinely wonderful characters. If you're even remotely into story-focused games, I would highly recommend grabbing it during the current Steam Winter Sale and playing it without reading even a single other thing about it. The experience really is worth it.

But if you've already played it, or if you find yourself loving the story for the very first time, then you might also be interested to hear that To the Moon 3 has now been announced. However, unlike the original which had a very simple but effective premise, I have no idea what to expect from To the Moon 3 even after watching the trailer! Have a gander, it's certainly a curious one:

Little Inferno official artwork and logo

As you're probably well aware at this point, the Epic Games Store is giving away a free game every single day until January 1st. Yesterday you had a chance to grab SUPERHOT, while today's game is a pyromaniac's dream - Little Inferno.

To grab yourself a copy all you need to do is head on over to Little Inferno's store page, log into your account or create a new one, and you'll be able to light the world on fire in no time. As always, you don't need to worry about installing the game in order to keep it. Simply adding it to your account is enough, after which you can play it whenever you want.

Risk of Rain 2 official artwork and logo for the Hidden Realms update

When Risk of Rain 2 entered Early Access, the developers quickly released a roadmap promising a variety of new features. While the contents of each step of the roadmap have been reshuffled slightly over time, Hopoo Games have stuck to their word and released some rather exciting updates every couple of months.

The newly launched "Hidden Realms" update is no exception here as it brings with it a poisonous new survivor called Acrid, as well as two new stage variants to offer a bit of diversity. You can also expect to see two hidden realms (Void Fields and the Secret Hidden Realm), three additional skill variants, a brand new monster called the Void Reaver, and most importantly, two new bosses to contend with.

Official artwork and logo for The Walking Dead Onslaught VR game

The Walking Dead Onslaught is an upcoming VR focused game where you'll get to play as various characters from the series in order to annihilate hordes upon hordes of the undead. In order to make this as satisfying as possible, Onslaught will have a "progressive dismemberment system", which essentially means you'll be able to slice pieces off zombies, chop off their limbs, impale them on objects, and otherwise hideously damage the already shambling corpses.

However, it would appear that trying to implement and polish all of that has been a bit more challenging than expected, and as such The Walking Dead Onslaught will not be making its expected 2019 release date. Instead, it has been pushed back to some point in 2020, with more news about the actual release date coming in the near future.

Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of the new Fourth Relic weapon skin

[Update]: The latest DRG update has now heavily reworked the perk system, and so far the new one seems to be a lot better.

Deep Rock Galactic is set to release in full in the second quarter of 2020, and in order to get everything ready for launch, the developers are now focusing their efforts on polishing existing features, quality-of-life changes, as well as some much-needed additions. Unsurprisingly, the newly released Update 27 brings with it exactly that.

There is now a brand new machine event with variable (and incredibly deadly) attachments to contend with, a significantly beefed up version of the Glyphid Praetorian called the Gylphid Oppressor, a bunch of minor but still quite welcome animations improvements, as well as a long-requested community feature - loadouts. Perhaps most importantly of all, Update 27 has given the Dwarves the ability to freely show off their glorious beards even while wearing armor!

TowerFall Ascension official artwork and logo

The Epic Games Store has recently started its massive winter sale, as well as a rather nifty holiday event. Basically, every single day until January 1st, a brand new game will be completely and utterly free to grab.

Yesterday the game in question was the RTS/puzzle hybrid Into The Breach, while today we're looking at TowerFall Ascension - a 2D fighter with a focus on local multiplayer. If that sounds like something you'd be into, simply head on over to TowerFall Ascension's store page, log into your account or create a new one, and you'll be blasting apart pixelated monstrosities in no time.

Into The Breach screenshot of the battle map

[Update]: The second day of the event has arrived, and with it a brand new free game. This time around it's the multiplayer-focused 2D action game TowerFall Ascension.

The Epic Games Store is currently running a rather hefty winter sale, and in order to get as many people to check it out as possible, they have also started an equally massive giveaway. From today until January 1st, each new day will bring with it a brand new and entirely free game to grab!

Things have started off on a seriously high note as today's freebie is Into The Breach - an excellent strategy/puzzle game from the developers behind FTL. In order to grab it, all you need to do is head on over to its store page, log into your account or create a new one, and simply claim your copy.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator screenshot of mammoths getting bonked in the head

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is one of those games I judged completely wrong. When I first saw its goofy animations and extremely simplistic visuals, I immediately wrote it off as yet another in a long line of terrible, terrible simulator games that constantly infest the Steam storefront.

Luckily for me, I did eventually give it a try, at which point I realized that it's a genuinely fun game to mess around with and one with a pretty darn active development team behind it. TABS might look downright goofy, but it features a ton of different characters and unique interactions, and smashing wildly different things together is always an entertaining time! After all, how often do you get to pelt the grim reaper with cannon balls while raptors nibble on his shins?

Overcooked! 2 artwork for the newly released holiday update

While Overcooked! 2 already has a pretty good chunk of content to explore, I'm happy to say that the developers have decided to spice things up even further by adding a whole bunch more into the mix. The freshly added and holiday themed update brings with it five festive new levels, two new chefs in the form of Reindeer Chef and Present Head Chef, a variety of decorated enemies for the Horde Mode, and naturally, five delicious new recipes to ruin over and over again!

Best of all, the five newly added levels are inspired by the various DLC packs: one is based on Campfire Cook Off, two on Night of the Hangry Horde and two on the recently released Carnival of Chaos. So even if you don't own any of DLCs, you'll still get a pretty nice variety of locations and challenges to toy around with, all wrapped up in a bit of holiday cheer.

Don't Starve Together's Hook, Line & Inker artwork for the new fish monsters

In sharp contrast to its title, Don't Starve Together's newest Hook, Line & Inker update has brought in a whole bunch of food-related content in order to help spread the holiday cheer. The ocean has been updated with a variety of new fish to catch and cook, though you will need to use the newly added sea fishing rods and tackles in order to make it happen. And naturally, once you catch a really big one, you can use the patented Fish Scale-O-Matic to make sure everyone around you knows just how absolutely amazing you truly are.

The update has also brought back Winter's Feast, which will have you chasing Gingerpigs and hunting for the physical embodiment of holiday cheer. Sounds a little bit insane, but I suppose that's par for the course with Don't Starve. On the positive side, you'll be able to use the holiday cheer to create delicious feasts for you and your friends to enjoy!