Bramble - The Mountain King trailer screenshot of a gigantic troll

If you're a fan of games with a heavy focus on atmosphere and visual storytelling, you might want to keep an eye on the newly announced Bramble - The Mountain King. The details are currently few and far between, but as you'll see in the teaser below, Bramble has an always-compelling combination of bizarre yet intriguing visuals, eerie music, and an atmosphere that's so thick you can practically cut it with a knife.

But don't just take my word for it! You can check out the recently posted teaser trailer right below. Have a gander, it really is a lovely one:

After a rather successful stay in Steam Early Access, Don't Starve's Hamlet expansion has now finally released in full. Besides the aforementioned aristocratic Pigmen, the Hamlet brings with it the ability to create your very own house, a whole bunch of new regions to explore and monsters to die to, three unique new characters to mess around with, as well as plenty of ruins to delve through in search of secrets and giant spiders.

You can get a bit of an idea of what this looks like in-game, as well as how fancy the Pigmen civilization truly is, through the recently posted trailer down below. Have a gander:

SteamWorld Quest official artwork showing off the characters

After being exclusively released on the Nintendo Switch, the stylish turn-based RPG SteamWorld Quest will be making its way to PC this May 31st. Expect to see a whole bunch of charming characters and hand-drawn locations, a variety of cards with which you can customize your playstyle, and naturally, an entire world filled with treasure to loot and steampunk dragons to slay!

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms, wonder no more as the developers have recently posted a fairly lengthy trailer. Have a gander, the art style really is lovely:

Guacamelee official artwork without the logo

Guacamelee is a Mexican-themed action-platformer with quite a few Metroidvania elements thrown in for good measure. As you might imagine from that description alone, you'll spend a good chunk of your time beating up hordes of enemies, acquiring new moves, and then using said moves to further explore the map and beat up even more enemies. A simple formula, but a rather satisfying one!

If that sounds like it's right up your alley, you might be glad to hear that Guacamelee is currently entirely free on the Humble Store. The only catch is that the giveaway will end in around 14 hours, so do make sure to grab yourself a copy as soon as possible.

Beat Saber official screenshot showing the two lightsabers

While not exactly a complex game, Beat Saber is still one of the most enjoyable VR experiences I've ever had. There's just something incredibly therapeutic about slicing through countless boxes with lightsabers while jamming out to your favorite music! 

With that in mind, I am very happy to say that Beat Saber will not only be leaving Steam Early Access next week, but that it will be doing so alongside a brand new Level Editor. As the name would imply, the Level Editor will give you the chance to create levels for your own audio tracks, and naturally, the ability to share your creations with the whole world. A fairly simple concept, but also one with a great deal of potential behind it.

The Walking Dead Onslaught official artwork with logo

While the quality of The Walking Dead games hasn't exactly been the greatest outside of Telltale's series, there is a bit of hope on the horizon. Survios, the developers behind the highly enjoyable VR game Raw Data, have now announced that they are working on the VR-based The Walking Dead Onslaught.

You can get a bit of a sneak peek at what The Walking Dead Onslaught will be like, as well as what sort of weapons you will get to use, through the recently posted teaser trailer. Have a gander, but don't expect much in terms of actual gameplay as this is just a teaser:

Druidstone screenshot of a battle on a frozen bridge

After apparently getting tired of delving through damp and dark dungeons, the Legend of Grimrock devs have now released a colorful and charming turn-based tactics game called Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest. You can expect to see a variety of unique characters and abilities, plenty of upgrades and items to collect, as well as numerous hand-crafted missions that will require a bit of thought in order to complete.

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the recently posted and fairly lengthy gameplay preview. It'll give you an excellent idea of just what Druidstone is about, as well as whether it's the type of game you'd enjoy or not. Have a look: