Mortal Shell highly atmospheric screenshot

The upcoming Mortal Shell is a Dark Souls inspired action RPG with a focus on challenging and strategic combat. As you might imagine given its inspiration, this means that Mortal Shell is all about exploring a massive, broken-down world in search of answers, facing off against an assortment of overly angry bosses, and naturally, dying over and over again until you master each fight.

If that sounds like a lovely time, you might be glad to hear that Mortal Shell has now opened up its beta for everyone to enjoy. Simply head on over to the Epic Games Store, download the beta, and you'll be sprawled on the floor in no time!

Dead Cells Update of Plenty official artwork

In an effort to improve its replayability even further, as well as make things a bit easier for beginners, Dead Cells developers have now released a rather extensive balance update. The definitive highlight is the smoothed out difficulty progression that should make it so new players don't just hit a wall at 2BC (two Boss Cells) and then proceed to die over and over and over again until they quit.

Under the new system, 0BC has been made slightly more challenging in order to teach new players the ropes, while the difficulty curve between 0-5BC has been adjusted to remove any massive spikes in difficulty. So while these changes make things more reasonable and approachable for beginners, veteran players should still find plenty of challenging content to mess around with.

Undermine official artwork and logo

After spending about a year in Steam Early Access, the dungeon-crawling roguelite Undermine is now slowly getting ready for its full release. You can expect to see arrive on August 6th, 2020 for PC (Linux and Mac included), Xbox One, as well as the Game Pass.

Unsurprisingly, version 1.0 will be Undermine's biggest update yet. It'll add the final boss fight with numerous phases and cutscenes, a variety of new dialogue and items, better performance and visual improvements, and perhaps most importantly of all, a new challenge system that lets you customize exactly how hard you want your adventure to be.

Biomutant official artwork without logo

The open-world, post-apocalyptic kung-Fu RPG Biomutant instantly caught my attention when it was first revealed a few years ago. Unfortunately, despite starting off strong with some lengthy trailers, news about Biomutant quickly started slowing down, until eventually there was almost nothing new to even talk about.

Why exactly that was the case, I'm afraid I have no idea, but I am very happy to say that the silence has now been broken as THQ Nordic has released a rather lengthy gameplay preview. Have a gander, it's quite an interesting one:

Cris Tales screenshot of a battle between two wolves

If you're looking to sink your teeth into a bit of an oldschool RPG, you might want to keep an eye on the upcoming Cris Tales. To put it simply, Cris Tales is a rather faithful homage to classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI, all spiced up with some downright lovely hand-drawn visuals.

As you might expect, Cris Tales will have you recruit and befriend a variety of characters as you journey across the map, fight against a whole host of enemies in turn-based combat with plenty of group-based combos, and in a bit of a strange twist, do a little bit of time-traveling in order to ensure your decisions don't accidentally end the whole world!

Rogue Legacy 2 screenshot of a throne riddled with bodies infront

[Update]: Rogue Legacy 2's Early Access release date has been pushed back to August.

It may have taken seven years, but the sequel to the roguelike action game Rogue Legacy is now nearly upon us. You can expect to see Rogue Legacy 2 hit Steam Early Access this July 23rd and remain there for approximately one year, or at least until all of the planned content has been polished up and ready to launch. If that sounds like a long time, it is worth mentioning that Rogue Legacy 2 is aiming to be twice as large as the original.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, however, things will be fairly similar. In other words, there will be a large and randomly generated world for you to explore with a variety of randomly generated characters, each of which will have something a little bit unique about them. Maybe one character will perceive sound as colors, another will be a staunch pacifist, while your third might just up being the most magnificent hero that has ever lived... all the way until he falls face-first into a spike trap and gets replaced by someone who's just kinda on the fat side!

Stray screenshot of a cat sitting on a bar with a bunch of robots

I hope you're not sick and tired of hearing about cyberpunk games lately, because the newly announced Stray is certainly well worth keeping an eye on. Instead of starring the usual assortment of badass protagonists with metal limbs, Stray will have you take control of an adorable little cat and its drone companion!

Since I'm aware that sounds like complete nonsense, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It'll give you a pretty good idea of just what kind of atmosphere Stray is going for. Have a peek:

Outer Wilds screenshot of a banjo by the bonfire

After spending a fair bit of time being exclusive to the Epic Games Store, the Outer Wilds (not to be confused with Obsidian's The Outer Worlds) has now made its way to Steam as well. So if you're in the mood for an exploration-focused adventure about being stuck in a time loop, this would be a pretty good time to check it out.

As for what exactly you can expect to see from the Outer Wilds, that you can find out through the original launch trailer. Have a gander:

Desperados 3 official artwork and logo

If you're a fan of the oldschool Commandos series, or stealth games in general, you might want to check out the newly released Desperados 3. Much like its predecessor Shadow Tactics from which it draws a great deal of inspiration, Desperados 3 is a stealth-focused strategy game where you control a small squad of highly diverse and efficient characters as they clean out entire strongholds without alerting even a single enemy!

You can get a pretty good idea of what this looks like in gameplay terms, as well as what kind of style Desperados 3 is even going for, through the recently posted release trailer. Have a gander:

Outward official artwork and logo

If you're like me and you've pretty much explored every nook and cranny in Outward, you'll be happy to hear that its very first expansion has now arrived for PC. The Soroboreans expansion brings with it a variety of new locations and enemies to contend with, a whole assortment of trinkets and armor to collect, as well as a new skill tree and status effects.

There's also a brand new enhancement system that lets you further customize your weapons, trinkets and armor sets. Getting the best stuff is a fairly expensive affair, as is tradition with all things in Outward, but the benefits are definitely worth the trouble as you can make some monstrously powerful characters!