Battlerite Royale artwork showing Freya jumping into action

As you would assume from the name alone, Battlerite Royale is taking Battlerite's skillshot-focused gameplay away from the relatively small arenas and into the wide-open world filled with new items to loot, abilities to acquire and upgrade, as well as enemies to clobber over the head with said abilities. A fairly simple concept, but there is a great deal of depth to it given that it's all based around Battlerite's excellent combat system.

That said, if you're wondering how all of this translates into gameplay, as well as what the new map looks like, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It's not exactly long, but it will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Battlerite Royale, so check it out:

Distance game screenshot of a colorful and futuristic city

After six years in development and more than three years in Steam Early Access, the highly atmospheric and extremely stylish racing-platformer Distance has now finally been released in full. Expect to see futuristic cars fly through the air and drive upside down, tracks that seem to have a very casual relationship with gravity, as well as a whole bunch of obstacles to overcome at high speed... or simply crash into for the fun of it!

Since trying to explain these types of games through words alone is pretty much a pointless venture, allow me to show you the recently posted launch trailer. It'll tell you just about everything you need to know about Distance and its gameplay. Have a look, the visuals really are quite lovely:

Parkasaurus official artwork and logo

If you found yourself disappointed with the recent Jurassic World Evolution and you're currently looking for something else to fill to void, you might want to check out the freshly released Parkasaurus. As you would imagine from something called Parkasaurus, it's a bright and colorful dinosaur park management sim that will ask of you to not only construct fabulous (and extremely profitable) exhibits, but also ensure that each and ever single dinosaur is well cared for.

You can get a pretty decent idea of what all of this looks like in-game through one of the latest trailers down below. It's not exactly a long video, so I would highly recommend checking it out as Parkasaurus is quite adorable! Have a gander:

Sunless Skies official artwork showing a broken train in space

Sunless Skies, much like its well-renowned predecessor Sunless Sea, is an exploration focused adventure set in the absolutely bizarre and intriguing Fallen London universe. As you explore the great expanse you will need to carefully balance your resources, keep a close eye on your crew as terror and madness lurk at every corner, and as is tradition, do your very best to not get chomped on by the endless horrors that lurk in the darkness.

If you're interested in seeing how all of this translates into actual gameplay, as well as what the Fallen London universe has to offer, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer for the Eleutheria update. It's a bit of a strange video, but I feel like it does a pretty good job of showcasing what Sunless Skies is about, so give it a look:

Door Kickers: Action Squad screenshot of some lovely pixel artwork and an explosion

Unlike its predecessor Door Kickers which takes itself much more seriously, Door Kickers: Action Squad is a colorful and upbeat side-scrolling action game with a focus on co-op. As you might expect from this type of game, you and your friend will have to shoot up scores of bad guys without getting annihilated yourself, defuse bombs and rescue hostages, use a variety of characters and skills in order to tip the scales, and naturally, kick down doors straight into the faces of your unsuspecting foes.

If you're wondering what this might look like in gameplay terms, allow me to share with you the most recent trailer. Have a gander, it should clue you in quite nicely:

Democracy 3 screenshot of a USA playthrough dealing with a crisis

The Democracy series is, as you might imagine from the name alone, a bunch of political strategy games that will ask of you to enact massive changes in order to shape your country of choice, as well as figure out a way to avoid the blowback from any consequences your actions might bring. It's not the most complex series around, despite what the numerous charts and options might lead you to believe, but it's certainly a fun and engaging way to figure out that you'd probably be a terrible president.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that Democracy 4 is now in development. It will incorporate all of the extra features found throughout Democracy 3 Africa, as well as the four expansion packs: Extremism, Social Engineering, Clones & Drones and Electioneering. Naturally, there will also be a variety of general improvements and more modern concepts to tackle, concepts such as 'fake news', social media, and so forth.

Frozen Synapse 2 screenshot of the open-world city at night

Frozen Synapse 2 is a fairly challenging tactics game with a bit of an interesting twist: instead of having hand-crafted levels with somewhat predictable enemy positions and behavior, Frozen Synapse 2 is bringing the action into a vast, procedurally generated city. So in order to succeed you'll need to set up various bases and outposts, deploy your forces across the map, and naturally, engage in some good ol' tactical combat as you attempt to secure the city.

If you're wondering what all of this looks like in-game, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It's fairly brief, but it should give you a pretty decent idea of what to expect from Frozen Synapse 2. Have a gander: