Vampire Survivors official artwork with the logo

[Update #2]: Vampire Survivors' Legacy of the Moonspell expansion has now arrived with a massive new map, 8 characters and 13 weapons.

[Update]: Vampire Survivors has now been unleashed from Early Access alongside a sizable content update.

In the single year it has spent in Early Access, the Vampire Survivors team has released an absurd amount of content updates that have brought in everything from new characters to new enemies, maps, weapons, gameplay mechanics, and ever-more elaborate secrets. This epic journey will be reaching another major milestone on October 20th, as that's Vampire Survivors will be officially launching from Steam Early Access!

Naturally, it'll do so alongside a chunky content update. The exact details have not been revealed just yet, though you can expect to see "a little something for everyone" in terms of new toys, as well as a bunch of new achievements and balance tweaks to mess around with. It's also worth mentioning that all of your save files will remain intact, so don't worry about having to collect all of the many, many items all over again.

The previously announced engine port that will bring with it increased performance and compatibility is still under development, and as such it sadly won't be launching alongside Version 1.0. Instead you can expect to see it arrive at some point later this year, provided the team doesn't run into any major issues. And if you don't particularly care about the new engine, you can simply continue using the current version of Vampire Survivors as that won't be going anywhere.

As for the future, you'll be pleased to hear that the Vampire Survivors team has "A LOT" more surprises currently in the works. Whether these will be 'simple' content updates or perhaps even fully fledged expansions, only time will tell.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once we find out, as well as once Vampire Survivors launches in full. Until then you can read a little bit more about Vampire Survivors and its future over at Steam. Enjoy!