Overfall is a turn based RPG releasing in Early Access this March

Overfall is an upcoming turn based strategy game with a healthy dose of rogue-like and RPG elements mixed in. You will have  to travel across a large world, recruit companions and deal with conflicts and issues that pop up through whichever means necessary, be that violence, dipolomacy, trickery or otherwise in order to complete your all-important quest.

After going through a successful Kickstarter campaign Overfall is now getting ready to launch in Steam Early Access this March 1st with the core gameplay fully complete. Speaking of gameplay, here's a trailer showcasing it:


The current plan with the Early Access version of Overfall is to polish and test out the Story Builder - a free and simple tool that allows you to create, share and play through custom storylines and missions. As far as bugs are concerned you should expect some disembodied voices, teleporting or paralyzed NPCs but in general the core gameplay should function as intended, albeit with the need for some extra polishing up.

Once fully complete Overfall aims to allow the players to run (and sail) around a procedurally generated world, make alliances or enemies, act as benevolent heroes or dastardly backstabbers and either solve problems through challenging turn-based combat or the more careful diplomatic approach which comes with its own tricks and troubles.

Overfall turn-based rpg diplomacy

Its not easy being diplomatic when you look like an uglier version of the Star Wars Emperor

And much like the majority of the rogue-like genre Overfall sports permanent death so if you, or one of your companions, rush in too carelessly and end up dying I'm afraid that's it. On the positive side each death will bring with it new unlockable items, stories, playable characters and companions to recruit so the replay value should in theory be quite high.

Overfall is coming to Steam Early Access on March 1st and while the exact price point isn't known the full game is expected to be between $10 and $20 USD. If you're in to rogue-likes and RPGs I'd recommend keeping tabs on Overfall because if it ends up delivering on its promises I can see it being a very fun and compelling experience.