Thumper rhythm action game screenshot showing a space beetle

After being announced all the way back in the ancient times of 2013, Thumper has now finally become available for both Steam and PS4. "What is Thumper?", you might ask. Well, to put it simply, its an action-rhythm game that's all about ludicrous speeds and violent collisions - and also you play as a metallic space-beetle, but its best you don't think of such things lest your mortal mind shatters.

Since trying to explain a musical rhythm game through words alone is a pretty damn pointless venture, allow me to show you one of Thumper's gameplay trailers. That should give you a pretty good idea of what Thumper is really about, and more importantly, how bizarre the whole thing is. Have a look:

Even though it seems to be quite similar to games such as Audiosurf, Thumper doesn't allow you to import your own music, but instead focuses the entirety of its gameplay around an original soundtrack by Brian Gibson. This might sound like a game-breaking problem, but the reality is actually quite the opposite. Given that the soundtrack was designed specifically for Thumper, all of its levels are structured in such a way that they provide an increasing level of challenge as you go through them, and naturally, an increasingly ridiculous top speed!

I haven't played Thumper just yet, mostly because I was too busy messing around with Overwatch's Haloween Terror event, but if the Steam reviews are to be believed Thumper is a truly amazing game. Its not often that you find only positivity out in the wretched wastelands of Steam's comment sections, but for Thumper that seems to be a exception given that it currently sits on a 98% approval rating.

If all of this has piqued your interest and you would like to give Thumper a try, you can grab it from Steam at a $20/€20 price tag. And to end all of this on an even more trippy note, here's a few more images from Thumper:

Thumper's final boss screenshot

Thumper's strange cascading enviroments

Thumper's space-beetle in flight